Whats up.

As a consultant and advisor, I specialize in working directly with founders of early-stage startups. My primary goal is to assist technical founders in accelerating their R&D. Additionally, I provide guidance to non-technical founders to enhance their comprehension of the potential applications and limitations of artificial intelligence.

My background is a ML/AI Engineer with 8+ years of experience in recommendation systems, retrival, computer vision and language modeling. I am on sabbatical at South Park Commons . I spent a lot of my time with organizations such as Stitchfix, Meta, and NYU Global Institute of Public Health. At the University of Waterloo I studied Computational Mathematics & Statistics where I helped start the Data Science program over there. Thanks for visiting, please reach out with any questions at jason at jxnl dot co.

Nowadays I am just spending my time playing the trumpet, freediving, doing pottery, and jiujitsu.