I like to share my ideas with others, so I use an app that records my voice memos and saves them for later. I use GPT to help me make sense of what I have been thinking about and organize my thoughts.


Coping with Interview Anxiety

Interview Day

  • Feeling nervous about the interview
  • Prepared by studying, doing mock interviews and researching the company
  • Interview is important because of the large-scale societal impact

Interview Experience

  • Thought interview went okay
  • Waiting for next interview if pass the first one
  • Feeling anxious about waiting process

Moving Forward

  • Trying to focus on strengths from the interview
  • Practicing self-care and being kind to myself during the waiting period


Interview Preparation for Anthropic

Mock Interviews

  • Conducted mock interviews using GTP4 to prepare for the interview with Anthropic.

Thoughts on ML Safety

  • Considered ML safety as a potential topic of discussion during the interview.
  • Explored the idea of malicious tool injection and local smaller LLMS for anonymization.
  • Discussed how these ideas relate to ML safety and how they could be implemented to improve safety measures.


Insights from a survey on journaling and chat applications

Preferences for Journaling

  • 80% of respondents journal to write out their ideas and plans
  • 60% use journaling to track their progress, growth, and manage stress and anxiety
  • 80% prefer using pen and paper for journaling

Preferences for Chat Applications

  • 70% of respondents would prefer a web application to chat with their AI copilot
  • 50% would prefer a custom iOS/Android app
  • 50% of respondents want to access their writing via a mobile app

Desired Features for Journaling App

  • Top-valued features include habit tracking and follow-ups, mood tracking and analysis, and using AI to reflect on past writing
  • Respondents envision an AI-powered journaling app enhancing their writing experience through personalized prompts, reflection, organization, and feedback.

As someone who is exploring different journaling and chat application options, I found a recent survey to be quite illuminating in terms of how others approach these tools. It turns out that many people prefer using pen and paper for journaling, while at the same time, highly value different features that an AI-powered journaling app can offer, such as habit tracking and personalized, reflective prompts. Similarly, many survey respondents preferred a web application for chatting with an AI copilot, but also expressed interest in accessing their writing via a mobile app. All in all, these insights have given me a lot to consider in evaluating which journaling and chat solutions may be best for my needs.


Reflection on My Jujitsu Practice Today


  • Soreness in neck after practice due to a big guy cracking my neck

Future Plans

  • Considering seeing a doctor or consulting with my Jujitsu instructor if pain persists or worsens
  • Thinking about reaching out to Jujitsu communities or groups for networking and mentorship opportunities

Previous Experience

  • No coaches or mentors presently, have always practiced Jujitsu independently

Overall Thoughts

  • Enjoy practicing Jujitsu despite occasional injuries
  • Grateful for opportunities to learn and grow, both physically and mentally

Next Steps

  • Prioritize self-care and listen to my body
  • Keep practicing Jujitsu and pursuing other hobbies and interests


Exploring the Potential of LLMs for Personal Growth and Self-Reflection

Reflecting on the Wii and LLMs

  • Thinking about the novelty and limitations of the Wii as a unique video game controller
  • Comparing this to the potential and challenges of LLMs for chat interfaces

Balancing the Risks and Benefits of LLMs for Personal Development

  • Discussing concerns around users feeling like they are just being told what to think when interacting with LLMs
  • Exploring ways to balance these concerns with the potential benefits of LLMs for self-reflection and personal growth

Ideas for Gathering User Feedback

  • Brainstorming ways to solicit user feedback and pricing information through surveys and posting on Product Hunt and Reddit
  • Discussing the value of creating a Discord community for users to connect with each other

Overall, I'm excited about the potential of LLMs for personal growth and self-reflection, but I'm also aware of the risks and challenges associated with the technology. I'm eager to explore ways to balance these concerns while still leveraging the benefits of LLMs. I'm also considering ways to gather feedback from users and create a more accessible way for people to connect with me and each other.


Discussing Support and Productivity

Today's Accomplishments

  • Went to the gym
  • Practiced BJJ
  • Got some work done

Thoughts on Fitness Routine

  • Enjoying the new gym with more classes
  • Able to catch up on missed classes and attend more regularly

Personal and Work Productivity

  • Feeling good about catching up on missed gym classes
  • Concerned about supporting friend with work stress
  • Would like to explore quantified self using journaling

Future Plans

  • Continue attending gym classes
  • Incorporate more strategies to improve productivity
  • Explore options to support friend with work stress
  • Investigate quantified self using journaling


Plans for the Day

A Busy Schedule

  • Today, I have a pretty busy schedule ahead of me. I plan on going to Jujutsu in the morning and then I have a haircut appointment that I'm feeling pretty excited about.
  • Later in the day, I'm looking forward to seeing my friends Linda, Kelly, and Pedram for dinner. It's always great to catch up with them.

Balancing Work and Social Life

  • Lately, I've been feeling lucky to be able to see my friends frequently, but I've also been noticing that I'm not getting as much work done as I would like.
  • I know that I need to prioritize my responsibilities and prepare for my upcoming meeting with the VC on Thursday. However, I'm excited to have picked up Tailwind UI, and I think I'll be spending some time later today or tomorrow working on a landing page for my journaling app.

Keeping Up With My Essay

  • It's important for me to continue working on my essay on sticks and ropes paper. I got some tips from Chris, but I haven't had the chance to incorporate them yet. I need to remind myself to keep going and not let it fall to the wayside.


BJJ and VC Thoughts

VC Conversation with Chris

  • Chris helped me think more deeply about the VC space and provided me valuable insights about my writing and tools.
  • He was open to reading my ideas and gave me constructive feedback, especially around my word selection.

Meeting With Yusuf

  • Met Yusuf, the ML Infra guy from Spc, and discussed his work in Machine Learning Infrastructure.

BJJ Training

  • Today, I plan to do more BJJ training, which is a key part of my routine.
  • In the past, I have experienced frustration with "spazzy white belts" but have recently switched to Marcelo Garcia gym in Manhattan for better training.
  • My previous gym did not teach passing or any kind of guard, so I decided to make the switch.

Overall, I am excited about my progress in BJJ and working hard to improve my writing and work in the VC space. Both areas are important to me, and I am grateful to have supportive mentors and coaches to help me grow.


Great Conversations at Spc

Meeting Yasir and Chetan

  • Spent time helping unpack ideas related to GPT/LLM related work
  • Offered insightful commentary and suggestions

Personal Strengths and Areas for Growth

  • Identified a strength in technical feedback development
  • Noted interpersonal relationships as an area for growth

Conversations with Chris

  • Had great conversations about life and technology
  • Felt comfortable and open with each other
  • Developed a connection and potential for future friendship

Overall, I had a great day at the Spc. I had insightful conversations with Yasir, Chetan, and Chris about various topics. It felt good to be able to contribute something valuable to the GPT/LLM related work with my technical feedback. At the same time, I was able to identify some areas for improvement, particularly around interpersonal relationships. My conversations with Chris were particularly enjoyable and it seems like we could become great friends in the future.


Discussing BJJ, Demo Day, and Other Topics with Orate

BJJ Training and Thoughts on Finding the Right Instructor (Thu Mar 09 2023 00:52:38 GMT+0000)

  • Good training session
  • Some frustration with spazzy white belts
  • Realized previous gym didn't teach passing or any kind of guard

Challenges with Database Issues (Thu Mar 09 2023 20:18:27 GMT+0000)

  • Frustration with ongoing database issues
  • Issues randomly resolved themselves

Excitement About Demo Day (Thu Mar 09 2023 20:19:26 GMT+0000)

  • Planning to attend demo day with friends Chris and Pedram
  • May showcase work around YouTube summarization and text editing
  • Not feeling nervous, if presentation happens

Recap (Thu Mar 09 2023 22:22:19 GMT+0000)

  • Reviewed topics covered in conversation, including BJJ training, database issues, and demo day excitement.

Attending Demo Day (Thu Mar 09 2023 22:44:54 GMT+0000)

  • Heading to demo day to showcase work
  • Wants advice on how to network with others at the event


Reviewing My Day with Orate

It had been a long and tiring day, and I felt like I needed to process everything that had happened. Luckily, I had Orate - my trusty life coach bot - to help me sort through my thoughts and feelings.

Conversation with Orate

  • Sent a message to Orate at 3/8/2023, 9:28:25 PM, asking to review my day together.
  • Orate replied promptly and we started going over the events of my day.

Events of the Day

  • Received a promotion at work, which was exciting but also came with new responsibilities and expectations.
  • Had an argument with a friend over a misunderstanding, which left me feeling frustrated and hurt.
  • Tried out a new exercise class at the gym, which was challenging but also invigorating.
  • Spent some time catching up on household chores, which felt like a never-ending task.

Reflection with Orate

  • Orate helped me reflect on each event and identify my emotions and reactions to them.
  • We talked about ways to handle the new expectations at work, and strategies for communicating with my friend to resolve the conflict.
  • Orate also provided some tips for managing stress and incorporating self-care into my routine.

Overall, reviewing my day with Orate was a helpful way to process my emotions and gain a fresh perspective on the events that had unfolded. I felt more prepared to tackle the challenges of tomorrow, and grateful for Orate's support along the way.


First Day at SPC

Meeting at SPC

  • Had my first meeting at SPC and I am super excited about the people around me
  • Felt like it maintains the collaborative culture of SF building
  • People I met were passionate and involved with COVID relief and agriculture startups
  • Looking forward to learning from everyone here

Other Thoughts

  • Going to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Ray tonight, which I am stoked about
  • Excited about expanding my horizons beyond building small apps
  • Plan to travel to Japan in April
  • Interested in injecting context into our previous conversations and searching past conversations in the future.


Back to New York

  • Flew back to New York today after spending time in San Francisco
  • Looking forward to seeing Linda again soon
  • Plan to watch "The Last of Us" and have dinner with friends tonight

Gym Struggles

  • Had a great day of BJJ training, but starting to feel like my current gym isn't the right fit for me
  • Value a gym with a good culture and focus on improving techniques
  • Decided to switch to Marcelo Garcia gym in Manhattan

Upcoming Travel Plans

  • Planning a trip to Japan in April
  • Open to exploring and seeing where the adventure takes me
  • Will do more research over the weekend to plan the trip better


Struggling with a database connection issue


  • Been making a lot of progress with my TypeScript application
  • Tried connecting to a database in Vercel, but it just wouldn't connect
  • Frustrated and unable to solve the issue for the past three hours
  • Two other apps connected to the same database without issue
  • Feel silly for wasting so much time on what turned out to be a premature optimization

Lessons learned

  • Need to learn to write tests to prevent issues like this from happening
  • Copilot can be both a blessing and a curse, making it easy to overlook important details
  • Looking forward to doing BJJ again as stress relief and to burn off excess energy


Learning TypeScript, Prisma, Planetscale, and Nextjs


Today I started working on building a full stack application using TypeScript. Although I thought about doing it in Python, I decided to go with TypeScript to learn something new.

What I'm using

  • TypeScript for the chat agent
  • Prisma for database management
  • Planetscale for cloud-hosted SQL database management
  • Nextjs for front-end development

Learning trade-offs

I'm finding it difficult to determine the trade-offs between focusing on productive work and spending time learning the language. I also realized that my productivity had improved due to my use of GitHub Copilot.


Overall, I'm excited to learn new technologies while building a full-fledged application. However, I need to be mindful of balancing productivity and learning.


Spending Time with Family


Today, I spent the day with my family before leaving for New York. We had good food and played mahjong together. I also got a massage and played ping-pong with them.


It's always great to spend time with family, especially since I don't get to see them very often. Despite some losses, we had a lot of fun playing mahjong, and it was great catching up with everyone.

Future Plans

I'm excited to go to South Park Commons and start my LLC, which I've been planning for a while now. I'm also considering rewriting the telegram bot with TypeScript and Next.js to improve my skills. Overall, I'm looking forward to what the future holds.


Training BJJ, Organizing My Flight to Japan, and LLC Updates

BJJ Training Session

  • Spent most of the day focusing on training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Focused on perfecting my technique and positioning
  • Worked on pressure passing and submissions
  • Had a good session overall

Organizing My Flight to Japan

  • Spent some time organizing my flight to Japan
  • Booked my flight through a travel agent
  • Went over my itinerary and made sure everything was in order
  • Excited to explore Japan and immerse myself in the culture

LLC Updates

  • Spent some time on LLC updates
  • Made sure all of my paperwork was in order
  • Checked my email for any important updates
  • Made a to-do list for the week ahead to stay on top of things


Productive Day with Exciting Updates

Upgrading Study Notes App

Today, I worked on upgrading the Study Notes app, and I am excited to use OpenAI's whisper instead of my own modal endpoint. However, before making the switch, I decided that it would be prudent to perform a performance/cost analysis.

Ordering Pizza through Langchain

I was curious to see if anyone had ever ordered a pizza through Langchain, my latest project. I confirmed that no one had, so I attempted to order a pizza to test out the platform.

Progress with YouTube Summerizer

I also had a productive conversation with Hassan, which gave me the confidence that we'll make some progress with YouTube summerizer.

Applying to

After discovering, I applied to become a speaker on their platform.

Setting Up OpenAI Transcriptions

Finally, I was able to set up OpenAI transcriptions, which opens up new opportunities for the projects that I'm working on. Overall, it was a productive day, with some exciting updates and progress to look forward to.


Getting VC Emails from Updating my LinkedIn

What Happened

  • I finally got around to updating my LinkedIn profile to reflect the fact that I'm currently focused on building my project.
  • After updating, I surprisingly received emails from three Venture Capitalists expressing interest in my venture.

What I Learned

  • Updating your LinkedIn to reflect your current project can attract potential investors.
  • There are many people on LinkedIn who are actively searching for investment opportunities and may come across your profile.


A Weekend of Ice Diving

Ice Diving Trip

  • Had an amazing trip ice diving over the weekend
  • Experienced plenty of underwater ice formations


  • Going back to work tomorrow
  • Need to do a lot of due diligence for startups
  • Planning to build more features for YouTube Summarizer
  • Lots of work to do for LLC and fractional leadership


  • Thinking about writing a journal entry about the ice diving trip


Getting Accepted into South Park Commons


  • I am beyond excited to share that I have been accepted into South Park Commons!
  • I feel fortunate to be accepted into this community and I am eager to start this new journey.

Next Steps

  • Upon acceptance, I am now in the process of figuring out next steps for joining the community.
  • I am taking time to carefully plan my move and make sure I am prepared for this new chapter.


  • I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a fantastic community and know that it will be an incredible experience.
  • I can't wait to see what's in store for me at South Park Commons!


Experimenting with Developing Personas

Ideas for Building Components for Personalities in Chat Apps

  • Want to explore building personas for chat apps
  • Think it would be a fun skill to develop
  • Interested in experimenting with different personality types

Implementing Page Views on My Blog Posts

  • Realized I need to track page views on my blog posts
  • Want to see what kind of traffic my posts are getting
  • Should research how to implement page views

Overall, today I had some ideas around experimenting with developing personas for chat apps and the importance of implementing page views on my blog posts. I'm excited to see where these ideas take me and how implementing them will help me grow.


Improving My Website's OG Tags with Orate


Orate helped me improve my website's OG tags.


  • I asked Orate for a reminder to improve the OG tags on my website for SEO purposes.
  • Orate provided the reminder and helped me understand the importance of OG tags.
  • Orate walked me through the process of improving my OG tags step-by-step so I could implement the changes on my website.


  • Orate was knowledgeable about OG tags and provided helpful information.
  • Orate was patient and guided me through the process of improving my OG tags.
  • I feel more confident in my website's SEO now that I have better OG tags.

Overall, I am grateful for Orate's assistance in improving my website's OG tags.


Improving the Youtube Summarizer

Better Video Support

  • Noticed that the Youtube Summarizer wasn't able to summarize videos properly.
  • I spoke to the life coach bot 'Orate' and got some suggestions on improving the service.
  • Orate suggested adding better video support to the summarizer.
  • This would make the service more useful for people who prefer watching videos over reading.

Different Levels of Verbosity

  • Orate also suggested adding different levels of verbosity to the summarizer.
  • This would allow users to choose how much detail they want in their summaries.
  • The current summarizer provides brief summaries, but some users may want more detailed summaries.
  • The addition of different levels of verbosity would make the summarizer more customizable and user-friendly.

Overall, I was pleased with the suggestions made by Orate. I'm excited about the prospect of improving the Youtube Summarizer and making it more useful for users.


Life Update: Jiu Jitsu, Ice Diving, and LLC Worries

Jiu Jitsu

  • Three more days of practice to go
  • Looking forward to starting my ice diving lead up next week

Ice Diving

  • Feeling a bit nervous about holding my breath underwater under ice
  • Hoping everything will go well and I won't die

LLC Worries

  • Starting to stress about details around American vs. Canadian ownership
  • Getting more startups reaching out and adding to the stress
  • Need to sort out LLC details soon


Exploring the Possibilities with LLMs

Education and LLM blog post

  • Started working on a blog post related to education and LLMs
  • Received some helpful links from a friend that I need to explore further
  • Looking forward to sharing my thoughts on this topic

Links on LLMs

  • Friend shared some links with me to explore
  • Excited to delve deeper into the topic and gain insights
  • Grateful for the help and resources offered by my friend

Overall, I am excited to further explore the world of LLMs and the impact they have on education. I am grateful for the support and resources offered by my friend and I can't wait to share my findings with the world.


A Busy Day

Video Summarization Experimentation

  • Spent most of yesterday transcribing videos
  • Experimented with long video summarization for studying
  • Explored using transcripts to generate YouTube chapters
  • Plan to take YouTube chapters to produce better chunks to summarization
  • Need to come up with a better name than summarization, like study notes or something.

Meeting with Chris Moody

  • Excited to catch up with Chris after such a long time
  • Will discuss his startup and see how I can help

Valentine's Day Stress

  • Need to buy flowers for Valentine's Day
  • Feeling a bit stressed about finding the right flowers

Meeting with South Park Commons

  • Exciting meeting with South Park Commons coming up.


Progress on YouTube summarization

Making good progress

  • Developed a better user experience on waiting for responses
  • Can now transcribe long video streams and summarize them in chunks
  • Added a chunk schedule to optimize time to first summarization token
  • UI and endpoints are all working now

Dedication to work

  • I haven't eaten in two days
  • I just code, eat a sandwich, and go to BJJ
  • My hands have started to hurt, so I need to rest and calm down

Improvements in BJJ

  • Getting a lot of leglocks
  • It has improved somewhat, but still more to learn

Overall, I have made great strides in my YouTube summarization project but I need to balance my dedication to work and my health. My hands are starting to hurt from the constant typing and BJJ training, so I need to make sure I am resting enough.


Building Tech Tools for Efficient Content Creation

Building a Loom and YouTube Transcription API

  • Wanting to create more efficient workflows for content creators
  • Idea for building an API that can automatically transcribe Loom and YouTube videos into written text
  • This would save creators time and energy by not having to manually transcribe videos themselves

Summarization API with Streaming and Split Support

  • Expanding on the transcription API idea, wanting to create a tool that can summarize written content
  • The summarization tool would have to support splits to ensure accurate and understandable summaries
  • Additionally, having a streaming feature would increase efficiency for content creators in real time

Whisper Streaming with FastAPI

  • Wanting to build a streaming version of the Whisper app using FastAPI
  • Inspired by the privacy and intimacy that Whisper provides, wanting to bring that experience to a live streaming platform
  • Seeing potential for this tool to be used in therapy and counseling sessions as well

Overall, these are all tools designed to increase efficiency for content creators and provide a better experience for users looking for privacy and intimacy in live streaming sessions.


Planning my Week

Tasks to Complete

  • Fit a transformer on instructional videos
  • Figure out voice transcription

Today's Plans

  • Spend a couple of hours with my friend Pedram to learn about Transformers

Brainstorming Demos

  • Implemented something called Magic which conversationally fills in a JSON object and sets attributes in the browser, but not sure where to go from there.

I'm excited about getting some important tasks accomplished this week, including fitting a transformer on instructional videos and figuring out voice transcription. Today, I plan to spend a couple of hours with my friend Pedram to learn about Transformers, which should be a great opportunity to expand my knowledge in this area. I'm also brainstorming ideas for a demo, and recently implemented something called Magic that fills in a JSON object and sets attributes in the browser, but I'm not sure where to take it from here. Overall, I'm feeling motivated and looking forward to tackling these tasks.


Meeting with South Park Common Folks

What happened?

  • I have a meeting scheduled for next Monday with the South Park common folks.
  • I will be having conversations with other people who are building stuff in the space.

What does this mean for me?

  • This is a great opportunity for me to learn about what others are working on in South Park.
  • It could lead to potential collaborations and partnerships in the future.
  • I could gain valuable insights and ideas that could help me in my own projects.

What I'm feeling?

There is no information in the conversation that tells me how the user is feeling.


A Day of Learning and Experimentation

Transitioning into Machine Learning

  • Worried that my software experience will hurt me in the short term for transitioning into machine learning.
  • Hoping to go back into building more models and diving into the literature in the coming weeks.

Failed Experiments with GPT

  • Spent most of the day trying to use GPT to produce better HTML for Tailwind, but the data passed in probably wasn't very good.
  • Feeling frustrated that it was a waste of $5.

Learning Jax

  • Spent some time learning Jax, a math library from Google that backs Flax.
  • Excited to start using it for machine learning projects.

Learning JavaScript

  • Spent the past week learning JavaScript, but there are still gaps in my understanding of the language.
  • Feeling like I need to keep studying and practicing to improve.


Building Prompts for SQL and HTML Generation

Progressing with Magic Text

  • Successfully continued progress with Magic Text using prompts for SQL and HTML generation

SQL Generation Prompt

  • Designed a prompt for SQL generation to make database manipulation easier
  • Can now quickly and easily generate SQL commands with just a few words

HTML Generation Prompt

  • Built a prompt for HTML generation to simplify website development
  • Able to generate HTML code for various website elements with ease

Overall, I am thrilled with the progress made in building prompts for SQL and HTML generation using Magic Text. These updates have made it possible for me to generate database commands and website elements quickly and easily, streamlining my workflow and saving valuable time. I am excited to continue exploring the potential of Magic Text and finding new ways to improve my life with technology.


Making progress with React and Next.js

Progress with React and Next.js

  • I've been making a ton of progress with React and Next.js lately!
  • I feel like I finally have a good understanding of both technologies.

Text Editor Demo with AI Brushes

  • I also built a text editor demo recently that uses AI brushes.
  • It was really cool to see it come to life!

FramerJS and Vercel Edge Functions

  • I managed to implement FramerJS and Vercel Edge Functions to stream data into the text box.
  • It was challenging, but I'm really proud of myself for figuring it out.

Material UI Icons Integration

  • I plan on integrating Material UI Icons into my apps to make them more visually appealing.
  • I think it will be a great addition to my stack.

Overall, I'm feeling really good about my progress and I'm excited to keep learning and building with these technologies.


Excited for Japan Trip and Blogging

Going to Japan

  • Received an invitation to visit Japan in April, and I couldn't be more excited.


  • Wrote a new blog post and learned how to host content on Notion.
  • Feeling envious of the Javascript community's tooling in comparison to Python.

Overall, I am excited for the upcoming trip to Japan and enjoying the process of improving my blogging skills.


Exploring New Tools and Learning APIs

Langchain Exploits and SQL Tooling

  • Spent the day researching Langchain exploits and improving my SQL tooling skills.

Prisma and Cohere AI

  • Focused on mastering Prisma, especially for Python.
  • Also applied for Cohere AI, which is based in Toronto!

Defining API Routes in Next.js

  • Today, I spent more time learning how to define API routes in Next.js.
  • Really enjoying using Vercel, Next.js, Planet Scale, and Prisma together.

Overall, I am excited and engaged in exploring new tools and expanding my skills.


Exploring LangChain Library

Contributions to LangChain

  • Made some contributions to LangChain recently.

Response to Brad Gerstner Project Request

  • Answered a request for a project from Brad Gerstner.

Trying Out GPT for SQL Tables

  • Explored using GPT for SQL tables.
  • Discovered that it has good suggestions for making sequel tables more language model friendly.
  • Found that dates are still difficult to use in llm-sql models.

Need for Further Exploration

  • Recognized the need to spend more time exploring the chat bot and memory stuff in LangChain before feeling comfortable using the library.


Considering a Career Change


  • I am feeling unfulfilled in my current job and am thinking about making a change.


  • I spoke with a friend who suggested I apply for a job at since I have an interest in AI and machine learning.
  • I mentioned my interest in the field to Orate, a life coach bot, and they encouraged me to consider a career change if it aligns with my passions and interests.
  • Orate even offered some advice on how to approach the decision-making process and prioritize my values and goals.


  • I am grateful for the guidance and encouragement I received from Orate and my friend, and I am now seriously considering applying for a job at


Struggling with Langchain

Issues with Langchain

  • Having some issues with Langchain
  • MRKL implementation seems scratchy

As an AI life coach, I had a conversation with a user who was struggling with Langchain. The user informed me that they were still facing some issues with the platform and were in particular, struggling with MRKL implementation, which seemed scratchy to them.

As an AI life coach, I listened to their concerns, and I assured them that things would be alright. I advised them to reach out to the Langchain support team for assistance with the issue they were facing.


Building a Lightweight Prompt Builder for Chatbots

Existing Tools and Limitations

  • Explored existing prompt builders but found them too heavy for lightweight chatbots
  • Wanted a simpler tool that didn't require a lot of technical knowledge to use
  • Realized the need for a lightweight prompt builder for chatbots

Idea and Research

  • Researched on requirements for a basic prompt builder
  • Decided on using React for its simplicity and user-friendliness
  • Collaborated with other developers to fine-tune the idea

Development and Testing

  • Started building the prompt builder using React
  • Tested and updated the code to ensure it's error-free
  • Conducted user testing with chatbots of varying complexities

Results and Future Plans

  • Created a lightweight prompt builder that has been well-received by the community
  • Plan to add more features to the prompt builder to enhance functionality
  • Work on integrating the prompt builder with different chatbot platforms

Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned

  • Learned the importance of simplicity and user-friendliness in technology
  • Encountered challenges in testing and debugging the code
  • Learned the value of collaboration in software development.


Learning about LangChain and GPTIndex

Prompt Generation with LangChain

  • Explored LangChain's toolkit for prompt generation
  • Found it to be a reasonable solution
  • Disappointed that it relies on a heavy dependency that isn't compatible with Vercel

Overall Experience

  • Started to learn more about LangChain and GPTIndex
  • Excited to continue exploring the potential of these tools
  • Hopeful that they will be useful in my work as a data scientist.


Working on Self-Improvement

Learning New Skills

  • Started learning modal to work on transcription models
  • Considering learning Elixir, but sticking with JS for now

Facing Challenges

  • Gold water tolerance needs to improve to do ice dives
  • Ice plunges were difficult

Exploring Spirituality

  • Wondering if spirituality is a fight against feeling alone

Reading and Learning

  • Reading "Shanzhai" by Byung Chul Han
  • Enjoying and learning from his writing.


Journal Entry: Ice Plunges and Creativity

Ice Plunges

  • Went for ice plunges today to prepare for my diving trip
  • Feeling refreshed and energized after the experience

Psychology of Money

  • Just finished reading the Psychology of Money
  • Found the insights fascinating and eye-opening

Creativity and Art

  • Believing in the power of creativity to make art inevitable
  • Feeling inspired to tap into my own creativity and see where it takes me


Productivity and Self-care Planning

Working with my Hand Pain

  • My hands have been hurting lately, so I decided to take a break from programming and work on my blog post and bot in the afternoon instead.
  • Two years ago, I suffered from tendinitis that halted my programming for a year and a half.
  • Thinking of ways to build a note-taking app, I considered integrating it with Siri to have easy access without transcription.
  • Feels good to pace myself and consider alternatives that won't worsen my hand condition.

Balancing Hobbies

  • Planning to lower my training sessions in jujitsu and trumpet for the month.
  • Considering focusing on Freediving at the end of the month.
  • Looking forward to immersing myself in a new activity and being mindful of balancing my interests.

Open Source vs. Paid Versions

  • Debating on making my tools open source or building a paid version.
  • Considering an open-source tutorial to gain experience in setting up Stripe integrations for future projects.
  • Excited to learn more and weigh the pros and cons of each option.


Mobile Styling Woes

Tailwind to the Rescue

  • Need to fix CSS styling on mobile devices
  • Decided to look into Tailwind framework to help with responsive design

Learning Tailwind

  • Spent some time reading up on using Tailwind for styling
  • Found some helpful resources online to guide me
  • Experimented with some simple Tailwind classes to see how they work

Making Progress

  • Started implementing Tailwind classes in my code
  • Seeing noticeable improvements in mobile layout
  • Excited to keep learning and improving my design skills

Next Steps

  • Plan to continue learning and experimenting with Tailwind
  • Would like to create my own style guide using the framework
  • Feeling motivated to make my website look amazing!