I like to share my ideas with others, so I use an app that records my voice memos and saves them for later. I use GPT to help me make sense of what I have been thinking about and organize my thoughts. If you want to try to use your own AI powered Journal check out my new app Journal


Exploring Tools and Personality for Better Management

Video Production and Travel Plans

  • Experimenting with different tools to improve video content.
  • Traveling to New York to catch up with friends before the holiday season.
  • Planning to explore Toronto.

Cash Flow and Growth Management

  • Considering my cash flow and ensuring it aligns with my personal and business plans.
  • Focusing on facilitating growth while avoiding excessive pressure or overwhelm for people in my team.

Leadership and Self-Actualization

  • Identifying beneficial aspects of my personality for my management style based on the INTJ/INTP personality type.
  • Increasing self-awareness through personality tests and feedback from peers and team members.

Improvements and Learning

  • I am learning to write better proposals, essential for my business growth.
  • Initiated asking for feedback from my employees to understand how and where to improve as a manager.
  • Reading recommended books like 'Drive' by Daniel Pink and 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People' by Stephen Covey.


  • I am grateful for having the opportunities to travel and meet friends amidst my busy schedule.
  • I appreciate the possibility of learning and self-improvement which will help me be a better person and partner.

To-Do Lists

  • Follow up on the feedback from my employees and start making necessary changes.
  • Continue my reading habit with the recommended books for better leadership and management skills.
  • Plan my travel to Toronto.

In summary, it has been a journey of self-exploration, learning and finding ways to not just be a better manager, but a better person overall. I am excited for what the journey holds for me in the future.


Reflecting on Growth and Career Prospects

Career Prospects and Personal Growth

  • Exciting new prospects were highlighted in my career journey.
  • Noticed substantial personal growth, evident from my recent thought process.
  • Multiple challenges were also encountered during the week, serving as an opportunity to grow.

Working on Gratitude

  • Appreciated the little victories achieved throughout the week.
  • Feeling grateful for the support system around me.
  • Gratitude realised for personal growth, both in personal life and career.

Focusing on Career

  • Concentrated on various career prospects and upskilling opportunities.
  • Identified areas of improvement and planned strategies to work on them.
  • Encountered challenges in the career path, planning to use them as stepping stones.

Being a Good Partner

  • Made conscious efforts to be a good partner through understanding and communication.
  • Focused on balancing professional and personal life to ensure quality time with the partner.
  • Worked on potential improvements in partnership, setting the foundation for a healthier relationship.

Todo List

  • Include a structured plan to maintain focus on career growth.
  • Working on being a good partner and valuing the relationship.
  • Practice daily gratitude to keep myself grounded and appreciative.

Summary of the day

  • Today was a productive day full of insights into my personal growth and career.
  • Maintained focus on my goals and worked towards achieving them.
  • Made an effort in being a good partner, making the day even more fulfilling.

Other Noteworthy Instances

  • The challenges this week brought life lessons and opportunities for growth.
  • Continued personal development and career advancement were the main themes of the week.
  • Consistent effort was made to be a good partner, making me appreciate the importance of balance in life.


Closing a Deal with Weights and Biases

Teaching a New Course

  • Successfully closed a deal to teach a course with Weights and Biases.

  • Still in the early stages of course planning, but excitement is building for this new venture.

Planning for Course Content

  • Devised a strategy to bring in interns to work on additional material for the course.

  • Potential for a richer course experience with the added efforts from interns.

ToDo List

  • Finalize the course outline.

  • Start the hiring process for interns.


  • Grateful for the opportunity to teach a course with Weights and Biases.

  • Grateful for the interns who will help improve the course content.

Summary of the day

Finalized a lucrative deal with Weights and Biases to teach a course. This is a massive landmark in my career, one I've been eyeing for some time now. The planning stage has begun and I've also decided to hire interns to work on additional course material, an exciting prospect. It's been a great achievement-filled day!


Navigating Career Choices: Excitement and Challenges

Career Decisions

  • Chose consultancy over an opportunity at Vercel.
  • Explored coaching alongside other paid engagements.

Wins of the week

  • Successfully balanced complex career choices.
  • Experienced growth through self-reflection and strategic planning.

To Do Lists

  • Continue to explore career options in coaching and consulting.
  • Identify potential challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.


  • Grateful for the opportunity to choose my career path.
  • Grateful for the exciting career opportunities that present themselves.

Summary of the day

  • Today was filled with growth and reflection as I balanced the challenge and excitement of making career choices. I turned down an offer from Vercel to continue my journey in coaching and consultancy. The future looks promising.

These activities are helping me focus on my career. This deliberate practice is aligning with my intent to be a better partner, nurtured by effective communication and commitment. The path is challenging and the trade-offs significant, but the reward of fulfilling a passion, incomparable.


Moved Back to Toronto After Breakup

Uncertainty and Challenges

    • Recently moved back to Toronto after a breakup.
    • Many open ended matters: uncertain visa status, uncertain job situation.
    • In the process of teaching a course and awaiting payment from a consulting client.
    • Feeling somewhat alone as I don't have many friends in Toronto.

The Beauty of Quiet Reflection

    • Re-read some of my old favorites: In Praise of Shadows, Tao De Ching. Don't have a favorite quote from them.
    • Unearthed a chapter in Tao De Ching that resonates - reminder that the natural way is always there for us to turn to.
    • Enjoyed how Tanizaki in In Praise of Shadows appreciates the subtle beauty that might be overlooked, especially the play of shadows on surfaces.

The Power of Reading

    • Interested in other recommendations for introspective and philosophical reads.
    • Ended up getting recommendations for The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Goals Moving Forward

    • Need to work on gratitude, despite current struggles.
    • Need to focus on career and future plans.
    • Look into other potential reading material to provide solace and insight.
    • Explore ways to build social connections in Toronto.


Dealing with a Breakup and Exploring New Interests


  • Started swimming again as a form of self-care
  • Enjoying the exercise but finding it difficult to swim at a comfortable pace due to the crowded pool
  • Considering looking for a new pool or possibly joining a swimming club to better suit my needs

Cold Therapy

  • Planning to try a form of cold therapy known as contrast therapy, which alternates between exposure to hot and cold temperatures
  • Not expecting particular results, but open to exploring the effects on my well being


  • Met with VCs from KP, felt relaxed as it was intended to be a casual hang
  • No specific preparation or expectations in mind for the meeting

What I'm grateful for

  • Opportunity to self-discover through new interests like swimming and cold therapy
  • Open channels of communication and potential new networks in my career through casual hangs
  • The endurance to push through a challenging emotional time

Todo List

  • Research and join a swimming club where I can swim at my pace
  • Try out contrast therapy and observe the effects of the same
  • Continue having casual hangs with potential work connections to grow my network

Summary of my day

My day has been a mix of emotional endurance as I'm dealing with a recent breakup but also a lot of self-discovery as I dip back into my love for swimming and look forward to trying out contrast therapy. I also had an informal meet with VCs from KP, which added a professional dimension to my day. All in all, I'm navigating through ups and downs, keeping an open mind to new experiences and opportunities.


Exciting Developments in My Library Project

Positive Response to My Library Project

  • My project has received a very positive response from people all around.
  • It's incredibly rewarding to see it's helping a lot of people.
  • People are reaching out, showing their engagement and appreciation.

Starting a Company

  • I've decided to take this to the next level and start a company.
  • I aim to continue teaching and planning to expand by hiring more people.
  • The whole process is helping me to clarify my thoughts in this area.

Upcoming Course with Weights and Biases

  • I'm looking forward to conducting a course with weights and biases.
  • This new initiative marks another exciting phase in my professional journey.

My feelings and thoughts

I feel quite content today. The positive feedback from my library project has been really fulfilling. It's a great feeling to know that the work I am putting my heart and soul into is bringing value to others. I definitely feel gratitude for all the support I have received for this project.

My focus for tomorrow

Tomorrow, I will focus more on the strategies for my new company. It's a significant career move for me, and I want to ensure everything falls into place smoothly.

My Partner

I truly feel grateful to have a supportive partner by my side. I plan on showing my appreciation by spending quality time with them and sharing my new found success joyously.

To Do List

  • Create a strategic plan for my new company.
  • Prepare for my upcoming course with weights and biases.
  • Discuss my intentions and goals with my partner.


Moving back to Toronto and Exploring OpenAI Opportunity

Moving Back to Toronto

  • Planning to move back to Toronto
  • Strategies for meeting new people need to be looked at

OpenAI Opportunity

  • Unsure about the extent to which this opportunity should be pursued
  • Not yet clear on how proactive to be in this scenario


  • Grateful for the potential opportunity with OpenAI
  • Thankful for the chance to make new connections in Toronto

To-Do List

  • Develop strategies for making new connections in Toronto
  • Evaluate how hard to push for the OpenAI opportunity and take action accordingly


Today was a day for planning and consideration. I mulled over my decision to move back to Toronto and start making connections there. Simultaneously, I have been considering an opportunity with OpenAI, though I'm unsure of how adamantly to pursue it. I feel thankful for these prospects and will continue to strategize on how to take them forward.


Deciding Between Job Opportunities

Vercel Job Decision

  • Chose to turn down the job offer from Vercel.
  • Decided to commit to consulting for the foreseeable future.

Contacted by OpenAI

  • Received contact from OpenAI again, sparking hope and excitement for potential opportunity.
  • The short-term nature of the job aligns with current desire for flexibility.

Preparing for OpenAI

  • The exciting potential for the role at OpenAI comes with some challenges ahead.
  • Need to prepare for and pass interviews and to overcome potential visa issues.

To Do List

  • Prepare for upcoming OpenAI interviews.
  • Research and address potential visa issues.
  • Continue to put effort into consulting work.


  • Grateful for the ability to choose between exciting career opportunities.
  • Appreciative for the contact from OpenAI and their belief in my potential.
  • Thankful for having consulting work that allows for financial stability and learning experiences.

Personal Reflection

Considering the various paths my career could take has been both exciting and challenging. I've had the chance to evaluate what's most important to me right now and I realize flexibility is essential. I should strive to remember these aspirations and choices as tests of resilience on this journey. I am also lucky to have my partner by my side as I navigate these decisions, it's important to continue striving to be the best partner I can be in return.


Conversation was too short to generate a journal entry


Interest from VCs and Thoughts on Future Plans

Recognizing the Demand in Industry

  • Venture capitalists reached out after my recent talk, creating an incredible networking opportunity.
  • Many friends are currently raising money and reaching out to me for help, specifically around navigating infrastructure questions.
  • I've really enjoyed being able to share my knowledge and resources to help them.

Considering Paid Engagements

  • Given the increasing demand for my knowledge and expertise, I've started contemplating the idea of monetary compensation for my advice.
  • I need to figure out the services or areas of expertise I could offer in a more formalized, paid context.

Exploring the world of Coaching

  • I've been trying to understand what coaching really entails and how it differs from the role of a consultant.

Gratitude and Achievements

  • I'm grateful to be considered an industry expert and for the ability to help my friends navigate their fundraising efforts.
  • Today, I was able to support my friends and colleagues, and make some noteworthy connections with Venture Capitalists.

Future Objectives

  • My to-do list includes a deeper exploration of the differences between a consultant and a coach, possible areas of expertise to offer in paid engagements, and understanding more about the coaching world.


Today was a blend of potential opportunities and helping friends navigate their entrepreneurial dreams. It has sparked an exciting thought process about the potential of turning my advice into a source of income. I'm eager to explore this possibility and am grateful for the connections and recognition I have received so far.


Gave a talk Yesterday and Received Positive Feedback

Talk Performance

  • Delivered a talk that was received positively by the audience

Career Progress

  • The successful talk seems to be a good step toward my career goals


  • Grateful for the opportunity to give the talk and the positive response received

ToDo List

  • Reflect on the contents and delivery of the talk to gauge areas of improvement
  • Plan for the next talk or presentation
  • Check feedback from the audience if available


  • Discuss my talk with my partner, sharing both the experience of giving the talk and the positive comments I received

Summary of My Day

  • Gave a talk yesterday which was quite successful and people really enjoyed it


Reflection on Collaborations and Project Acquisitions

Collaborations and Projects

  • Explored potential collaborations
  • Was focused on securing interesting projects

Goals and Career Focus

  • Seeking to establish and maintain career focus
  • Continually set and pursue professional goals

Partnership Contributions

  • Strive to be a better partner
  • Focused on creating value in relationships

Gratitude Journaling

  • Stay consistent in noting daily gratitudes
  • Cherish simple moments of happiness

To-do Lists

  • Review and update to-do lists regularly
  • Prioritize tasks for efficiency and productivity

Daily Summary

  • Explored possible collaborations for work
  • Remained focused on my career and personal goals
  • Strived to be a good partner
  • Reminded myself of various thing to be grateful for despite challenges
  • Updated my to-do list and reprioritized tasks for the next day


Reflecting on Gratitude and Career Focus

Valuable Relationships in My Life

  • Deeply grateful for Linda, a pivotal figure in my life.
  • Appreciative of the company of friends, had a lovely potluck with them yesterday.

Work Opportunities

  • Thankful for having abundant work opportunities, a blessing in this era.
  • Need to channel gratitude towards improving my career and achieving set goals.

Social Interactions

  • Enjoyed seeing friends and sharing a meal together, it helped enhance my social well-being.

Goals and To-Dos

  • Carry forward the feeling of gratitude into daily routines.
  • Focus on career growth, utilize the numerous work opportunities productively.
  • Maintain and flourish the good relationships with Linda and friends.


Challenging Couple of Weeks: Cofounder Dating, Job Interviews, New Life Situations

Cofounder Dating

  • Networking with potential partners
  • Exploring opportunities for collaboration

Job Interviews

  • Opportunities opening up, people showing interest in hiring me for projects
  • Exciting period with prospects

Support System

  • Friends have been incredibly supportive
  • Regular check-ins from them providing emotional support

Expressing Gratitude

  • Grateful for the supports from friends
  • Grateful for the job opportunities presented

Focus on Career

  • Securing meaningful projects
  • Making a positive impression in job interviews
  • Exploring potential partnerships

Being a Good Partner

  • Maintaining communication amid busy schedule
  • Consistently providing and receiving supports

To-do list

  • Follow up on job interviews
  • Evaluate potential collaborations
  • Take time off for self-care

Day's Summary

  • Another busy yet fulfilling day, with promising job interviews and potential collaborations in the horizon. Friends have continued to show their support, which has been great for my emotional well-being. It was an exciting and optimistic day overall.


Progress on Professional Goals and Personal Time

Professional Milestones

  • Made substantial progress on starting a startup with Evan.
  • Continued working on Python library that improves usability of OpenAI's function calling capabilities.
  • Lined up job interviews with Vercel, OpenAI, and Deepmind in the next couple of weeks.

Personal Life

  • Enjoyed some needed vacation time.
  • Looking forward to visiting Linda in New York on October 16.


  • Grateful for the opportunity to work on exciting projects like the new startup and the Python library.
  • Appreciative of the upcoming job interviews with top tech companies.
  • Thankful for the upcoming trip to see Linda.

To-Do list

  • Prepare for Vercel, OpenAI, and Deepmind interviews.
  • Plan trip to visit Linda in New York on October 16.
  • Continue developing Python library to improve OpenAI's function calling capabilities.


  • I'm both excited and prepared to step into the next phase of my professional journey. I’ve taken the necessary time off for self-care and now, I’m ready to show up at my best.
  • I’m also ensuring I balance my personal life well within my professional aspirations, just like my upcoming visit to Linda in New York.
  • It’s a rewarding and promising time in my life right now.


Considering Startup Venture

Idea and Vision

  • Conceptualized a business idea to build a structured data tool company.
  • The company would take full advantage of data structure and could revolve around data labeling, visualization, monitoring, and feedback.

Motivation and Focus

  • Deeply interested and motivated to make this idea a reality.
  • Need to stay grounded and motivated throughout the process.

Other ToDo Lists

  • Write down a business plan.
  • Research the potential market and competition.
  • Figure out financing details.


  • Grateful for the motivation and drive to bring this idea into existence.
  • Grateful for the opportunities and resources available for startup ventures.

Reflecting on Partnership

  • As I advance my career and embark on this new journey, it's crucial to stay dependable and supportive for my partner.

Quick Day Summary

  • A day well spent conceptualizing and reflecting on the possibilities of a new start-up venture. Lots of research and planning ahead.


Flying Back to LA: End of a Long Trip

Journey Updates

  • Just concluding an impactful journey.
  • Preparing to fly back to LA which marks the end of the long trip.

Progress on Personal Goals

  • Awaiting assessment of the status on the gratitude goal.
  • Pending updates on the state of the career focus goal.

Reflective Notes and To-Dos

  • Upon reaching LA, take time to reflect on the experiences of the trip and how they contribute to personal growth.
  • Evaluate the current status of the gratitude and career focus goals, set actionable plans to enhance progress.

Expressions of Gratitude

  • Grateful for the opportunity to experience the journey.
  • Thankful for the successful end of the trip and the safe return to LA.

Short Summary of the Day

  • The day mainly involves preparing for and traveling back to LA, concluding an important trip. Needed to share updates on the progress of personal goals, yet remains pending.


Conversation was too short to generate a journal entry


Watched the New Barbie Movie

Enjoyment of the Barbie Movie

  • Found the movie to be funny.
  • The movie had elements of feminism, which added humor.


  • A reminder to focus on areas for self-empowerment was brought up.
  • Need to identify these areas, particularly in my career or personal life.

Goal Focus

  • Use the self-empowerment concept as a stepping stone to work on my career.
  • Also focus on being a good partner using the same concept.

Gratitude and Other Tasks

  • Grateful for the humor and entertainment found in unexpected places such as the Barbie movie.
  • Next task: Identify key areas for self-empowerment and implement strategies to strengthen them.

Summary of the Day

  • The day was about exploration and humor through watching a new movie. This experience has also invited self-reflection on empowerment in various areas of my life. Taking this into consideration, I should continue seeking moments of unexpected joy and learning in everyday life.


Exploring Opportunities and Experiencing Gratitude

Progress in Business and Viral Success

  • Successfully secured more contracts and expanding my business.
  • Gained significant attention on Twitter, with a large increase in follower count.
  • My framework for structural extraction has been well-received, sparking conversations with people from the Python community, Twitter machine learning community, and various founders.

Travel, Free Time, and Experiencing Culinary Delights

  • Currently visiting Linda's family in China. Enjoyed visiting Sand dunes and having lamb skewers.
  • Planning visits to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Tulum for free diving.
  • Delighted to have the flexibility and savings to travel extensively.

Cultivating Gratitude

  • Thankful for the successful business and interesting contracts coming my way.
  • Gratitude for the freedom to travel, and upcoming adventurous plans.
  • Appreciating the ability to savor this lifestyle resulting from years of hard work.

Work-Life Balance

  • Been spending quality time with girlfriend and working.
  • Also hired a contractor to improve my YouTube chapters, aiming to gain paying users.
  • Balancing work, personal life, and various responsibilities effectively.

Health and Well-being

  • Regular exercise schedules kept up, fostering gratitude towards my body's capabilities.
  • Explored the role of physical practices in maintaining a positive mental state.

Looking Ahead

  • Continue to leverage business and social media success for career growth.
  • Explore more speaking opportunities and expand personal network.
  • Continue to investigate the potential of my role as an operator with the contractor.
  • Daily focus on maintaining work-life balance and fostering gratitude.


Conversation was too short to generate a journal entry


A Journey to Nature's Magnitude and Upcoming Adventures

Sand Dunes, Awe and Scale

  • Had an amazing experience visiting the sand dunes in China.
  • Enthralled by the sheer size of the dunes.

Surfing the Dunes

  • Engaged in an adventurous activity of surfing the dunes on trucks.

Oceanic Adventures from the Past

  • Recalled the joy from my freediving and surfing experiences.
  • Noted a longing to see the ocean more often.

Future Exploration Goals

Merging Adventure with Regular Life

  • Felt the need to experience more of nature's scale in my daily life as a computer person.
  • Discussed the possibility of integrating more 'adventure' in my routine.

Venturing into New Boundaries

  • Contemplated on visiting new destinations of natural beauty like Bali, Mexico.
  • Considered diving in these places as a means to engage with nature.

Thoughts and Todo lists

  • Researched and noted recommendations for adventure activities and destinations in Mexico.
  • Need to carve out a plan to follow these recommendations.


  • Grateful for the experiences in China with the sand dunes and the realization it brought about.
  • Grateful for the exciting possibility of new travels, adventures and connection with nature in the future.

Daily Summary

Today was a day of reflection on my recent travels, adventures and the magnitude nature's beauty. It reminded me of my passion for the ocean and adventure, and led to a desire to bring more of these experiences into my daily life. I've also considered potential travel plans, potentially Bali or Mexico, to foster this reconnection with nature.


Conversation was too short to generate a journal entry


Conversation was too short to generate a journal entry


Last Day in Tokyo and Hoshinoya Experience

Hoshinoya Tokyo Onsen

  • Onsen was beautiful, but did not feel worth the price
  • Experienced a preference for heritage ryokans
  • Kyoto set high expectations, Tokyo felt more modern


  • Grateful for the opportunity to visit Tokyo and experience its culture
  • Appreciative of the stay at Hoshinoya, despite it not meeting all expectations

Focus on Career

  • Consider how experience in Kyoto and Tokyo could provide inspiration for future projects

Being a Good Partner

  • Share experiences and thoughts about Japan trip with partner
  • Import interested and relevant aspects with them about heritage ryokans

To-Do List

  • Look into more heritage ryokans for future trips
  • Research ways to incorporate aspects of the ryokan lifestyle into daily life
  • Share and discuss Tokyo and Kyoto experiences with friends and colleagues

Summary of the Day

Last day in Tokyo and checked out of Hoshinoya. Although the onsen was pretty, it was not worth the price. I feel more inclined towards heritage ryokans after being spoiled by the less modern experience in Kyoto.


Diving and Hunting in the Cold Pacific Ocean

Diving in Salt Water

  • First time noting the buoyancy of salt water.
  • Surprised at how different the properties are compared to fresh water.

Unique Marine Life

  • Came across sea cucumbers the size of footballs while exploring the ocean depths.

Hunting Abalone

  • Surprised by the intelligence and strength of abalones.
  • Realized hunting requires the decision of what to let go and what to keep.

Encountering Uni Hunters

  • Saw uni hunters around.
  • Surprised by the variety of marine life being hunted.

Observing Schools of Fish

  • Dived and saw schools of fish swimming together.
  • Gained greater sense of connection with ocean life.

Daily Summary

  • Leveraged my strengths to hunt for abalone, requiring a great amount of effort.
  • Achieved a unique balance between decision making and responsibility.
  • Gained deeper appreciation for nature and its abundance.

Todo List

  • Reflect on the aspects of the trip that required the most effort, and why.
  • Conduct more in-depth research on marine life, particularly the sea cucumbers and abalones encountered.
  • Engage more with conservation activities to protect marine life and ecosystems.


  • Grateful for the opportunity to explore the vast wonders of the ocean.
  • Thankful for the unique experiences nature provides, such as observing a school of fish in their natural habitat.
  • Appreciative of the physical effort put into the trip, translating to a feeling of accomplishment.

Future Plans

  • Reflect on whether aspects of the trip inform any change I want to see in my career.
  • Have a discussion with my partner about my experiences and invite them to join in future adventures.


Visited Yoroniku in Japan

Tasted Delicious Japanese Beef

  • Savored the taste of beef tongue
  • Enjoyed the appealing flavors of tartar

Learned about Japanese Flavor Accents

  • Discovered the importance of tare sauce
  • Enhanced the taste of rare steak with wasabi

Daily Reflection

Career Focus

  • Explore incorporating Japanese flavors into my cooking


  • Grateful for the unforgettable culinary experiences at Yoroniku


  • Share with my partner the unique combinations I discovered like wasabi with rare steak


Japan Adventures and Career Progress

Bullet Train and Sumiya Ryokan

  • Experienced bullet train
  • Stayed at the traditional inn, Sumiya Ryokan
  • Participated in Japanese cultural activities such as matcha and private dining

New Culinary Discoveries

  • Learned about a delicious steak dip: egg yolk, soy sauce, daikon ginger paste
  • Plan to incorporate these new flavors into my cooking at home

Work-Life Balance during Travels

  • Have been working, but not as much as I feel like I should
  • Accepting the need for rest and enjoyment while traveling

Career Goals after the Trip

  • Focusing on specific career-related goals when I return home to help elevate my progress

Gratitude List

  • Thankful for the amazing experiences and learning opportunities I've had during my time in Japan
  • Grateful for the delicious new cuisine I've discovered to expand my palate and cooking skills at home

To-Do List

  • Find ways to achieve better work-life balance when returning home
  • Set short-term and medium-term career goals, and work on ways to achieve them
  • Incorporate healthy cooking and Japanese-inspired dishes into my meal planning
  • Practice gratitude daily for maintaining a positive mindset


Asia Trip with Linda and Work Contracts

Excited for Asia Trip with Linda

  • Leaving apartment for three months
  • Visiting Kyoto for culture exploration
  • Water sports on islands
  • Exploring Xinjiang for lamb skewers
  • Trying sushi, steaks, and tempura
  • Trusting and enjoying Linda's plans

Early Arrival at the Airport

  • Arrived 4 hours early by mistake
  • Making the best of the situation by reading or having a meal


  • Grateful for the opportunity to travel and explore new places
  • Appreciative of Linda's travel planning and companionship

Work and Finances

  • Secured contracts to earn money during the trip
  • Breaking even on expenses during the trip

To Do List

  • Enjoy the journey and embrace new experiences
  • Spend time on self-reflection during travels
  • Update journal with interesting memories and experiences


Value-Based Pricing for Consulting

Understanding Value-Based Pricing

  • A pricing model focusing on the value received by the customer
  • Prices set according to the benefits clients receive, not just the cost of producing the service
  • Applicable to consulting businesses as a way to charge based on value provided

Deciding Between Value-Based and Other Pricing Models

  • Assess the unique value you provide to clients
  • Determine if value-based pricing is a more profitable and sustainable pricing strategy for your business

Personal Goals

  • Work on gratitude
  • Focus on career development
  • Be a good partner

To-Do Lists

  • Research more on value-based pricing
  • Identify key values that I provide in my consulting services
  • Create a personalized value-based pricing model

Daily Gratitudes

  • Gaining new knowledge on value-based pricing
  • Having the opportunity to improve my business strategy
  • Networking with valuable professionals in consulting

Summary of My Day

  • Explored value-based pricing and its benefits
  • Contemplated how it could apply to my consulting business
  • Reflected on personal goals and areas of growth


Catching Up After a Long Time

Back from Japan and Starting Consulting

  • Recently returned from a trip to Japan
  • Got sick for a bit but recovered
  • Successfully started a new consulting business

Reevaluating Pricing Strategy

  • Currently considering raising rates to $270-320 per hour
  • Exploring the option of a retainer fee for more stability and guaranteed work

Personal Growth and Career Goals

  • Continue focusing on personal growth and career goals in upcoming life coaching sessions
  • Prioritize being a good partner and expressing gratitude


Preparing for New York to Asia Trip and Moving In with Linda

New York and Asia Trip

  • Last 2 months in New York before the trip
  • Planning a trip to China and Japan with Linda
  • Coming back from Canada on May 10

Training, Work, and Relaxation

  • Training Jiu-Jitsu consistently
  • Balancing job interviews and workouts
  • Booking a spa day with Linda after returning from Canada
  • Plan on working with consulting for additional income

Moving In with Linda

  • Will move in together after the trip to Japan
  • Converting the apartment into a shared space
  • Communication about the transition and shared space is ongoing

Personal Goals

  • Remain focused on my career
  • Continue training and workouts
  • Strengthen relationship with Linda through open communication
  • Practice gratitude daily
  • To-dos: Finish preparing for the trip, discuss storage options for Linda's items, and finalize consulting work schedule

Gratitude and Daily Summary

  • Grateful for the upcoming trips — bringing wonderful experiences and opportunities to bond with Linda
  • Feeling positive about workouts and Jiu-Jitsu training
  • Maintaining open communication and focusing on a balanced, shared living space with Linda


Grateful for Linda While Fighting Stomach Bug


  • Linda is taking care of me even though she's busy
  • She makes sure I'm not hungry, checks up on me, and stays by my side
  • I express my gratitude to Linda whenever I have the chance

Uncomfortable Feelings

  • First time in a long time that someone is taking care of me when I'm sick
  • Usually, I'm the one taking care of people, so it's slightly uncomfortable
  • Learning to accept care from others is important

Health Updates

  • Currently on day 4 of stomach bug
  • Talked to a doctor who advised waiting it out and said I'm probably turning the corner
  • Have developed a stye after a day of resting

To-Do List

  • Continue to rest and recover
  • Keep expressing gratitude to Linda
  • Focus on being a good partner during this time and beyond
  • Once recovered, refocus on career goals


Today, I was still experiencing the stomach bug, but I am truly grateful for Linda in my life. She keeps checking up on me, taking care of me, and making sure I'm not too hungry even though she's quite busy. It's an unfamiliar feeling for me to be taken care of, but I'm learning to accept it. I talked to a doctor who advised waiting it out, and I also developed a stye. I'm trying to focus on being a good partner and will work on my career goals once I recover.


Back From Japan and Starting Freelance Work

Japan Trip Highlights

  • Visited with my girlfriend
  • Explored amazing places recommended by my girlfriend
  • Loved Harajuku and Aoyama and considering living there in the future

Cultural Differences

  • Appreciated the peaceful and respectful environment of Japan
  • Struggling to find a balance between collectivist values from Japan and the individualistic society in America
  • Want to maintain my collectivist values while living in America and potentially wish to live in Japan someday

Starting Freelance Work

  • Have three clients and need to figure out how to price myself
  • Considering charging $150 per hour
  • Need to balance competitive pricing and long-term offers without undervaluing my work


  • Grateful for my girlfriend's recommendations and sharing her experiences in Japan with me
  • Grateful for the amazing places I visited in Japan that resonated with me
  • Grateful for the opportunity to start freelancing and helping people through my work


  • Incorporate collectivist values I learned from Japan into my life in America
  • Research pricing strategies and provide fair offers based on experience and industry averages
  • Be a good partner to my girlfriend by continuing to cherish shared experiences and grow together
  • Maintain focus on my career and personal growth both culturally and professionally


Reflecting on Mailing List Improvements and Marketing Strategies

Mailing List Changes

  • Implemented a change log
  • Created an open letter for subscribers

Brainstorm Marketing Strategies

  • Consider new ways of promoting the mailing list
  • Explore creative ideas for engaging with subscribers
  • Build on the success of recent improvements

Journaling Goals

  • Focus on gratitude
  • Improve career focus
  • Enhance partnership skills

To-Do List

  • [ ] Practice gratitude daily
  • [ ] Implement career-focused activities
  • [ ] Maintain open communication with partner
  • [ ] Continue brainstorming marketing ideas


  • Appreciate the growth opportunities in my mailing list
  • Thankful for the support from my partner
  • Grateful for the motivation to overcome challenges

Daily Summary

  • Reflection on mailing list improvements
  • Brainstorming marketing strategies
  • Working towards personal goals for growth and relationships


First Ghibli Museum Visit

Visiting Japan

  • Unsure of arrival date

Visiting Ghibli Museum

  • Going to museum
  • Details unknown


  1. Grateful for the chance to explore new places.
  2. Appreciate the opportunity to visit iconic locations like the Ghibli Museum.
  3. Thankful for enjoying the day in Japan.


  • Check favorite Ghibli movie exhibitions.
  • Share experience with my partner.


Preparing for Product Hunt Launch

Self-care and Gratitude

  • Prioritize self-care
  • Focus on gratitude

Progress and Accomplishments

  • Set up a mailing list
  • Created personal journal goals

Personal Goals

  • Work on gratitude
  • Improve focus on career
  • Be a good partner

Todo Lists

  • (Add tasks based on your personal and professional goals)


  • (List things you're grateful for today)

Summary of the Day

  • (Briefly describe your day and important events, as well as any insights and learnings)


Landed in Japan and Struggled with Transportation

Flight to Japan

  • Watched new Netflix shows.

Figuring out Cash and Train

  • Had trouble understanding the train system.

Riding the Train and Overages

  • Unsure about what happens if I ride the train too long and if I can just pay the overage.

Goals, Gratitude, and Daily Summary

  • Gratitude: I'm grateful for a safe flight and the opportunity to travel to Japan
  • Career Focus: Look for opportunities to learn about Japanese work culture and expand my professional network.
  • Being a Good Partner: Communicate with my partner about my arrival in Japan and share my experiences with them.
  • Todo List: 1. Get help from a local or transportation worker for train overage payment. 2. Reach out to professional connections in Japan. 3. Write about my experiences each day.


Long Flight to Japan and App Feedback

13-Hour Flight

  • On a long flight to Japan
  • Baby on the plane, using noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs

Life Coach Approaches Me

  • Life coach said their folks could use my app
  • Received valuable feedback from Chris and Pedram for app improvement

App Feedback and Improvements

  • Jenny provided tips on onboarding flow
  • Asked Joan to help with design, taking inspiration from Notion's design

Pedram's Encouragement

  • Pedram sees great potential in my journal app for improving the lives of millions
  • He believes I have a unique mix of skills and experience to make it work.


Excited for Japan Trip

Packing for Japan

  • Last day in New York before flying to Japan
  • Feeling less nervous, more excited about the trip


  • Will consider journaling my experiences in Japan


  • Grateful for the opportunity to travel
  • Appreciate the support Linda has given

Career and Relationships

  • Keep a focus on career goals during the trip
  • Continue to strengthen my partnership with Linda


Anxiety over Future and Japan Trip

Supporting Linda's Decision

  • Linda unsure about staying in New York or going back to China
  • Want to be a supportive, non-biased friend

Job Rejection

  • Rejected by Anthropic
  • Feelings of disappointment

Starting My Own Business

  • One less excuse to not start my business
  • Need to incorporate and deal with immigration issues
  • Desire to develop both founder skills and machine learning skills


  • Grateful for Linda's presence in my life
  • Cherishing the memories we make together

Preparing for Japan Trip

  • Feeling a little anxious about the trip
  • Excited for new experiences

Todo list

  • Reach out to anyone who can offer guidance on immigration issues
  • Research ways to integrate technical skills with entrepreneurial ventures
  • Make a plan to balance machine learning and founder skill development
  • Talk to Linda about the Japan trip and share feelings of missing her while away
  • Gradually prepare for the Japan trip and address any concerns


Today, I discussed my anxieties about Linda's decisions, the rejection from Anthropic, starting my own business, and the upcoming trip to Japan. I also acknowledged my gratitude for having Linda in my life and plans to stay connected while away in Japan.


SPC Onboarding and KBBQ with Friends

Networking at SPC Onboarding Event

  • Met lots of great people
  • Got lots of ideas
  • Plan to set up 1:1 meetings with new connections
  • Start Slack threads to maintain conversations

Korean BBQ and Machine Learning Discussion

  • Going to get KBBQ with friends
  • Talk about machine learning with friends
  • Focus on staying open to perspectives, asking questions, and sharing insights


Bought, time to launch

Dealing with Domain Name Change issues

  • Experienced frustration due to email gating
  • Issues persisted throughout the day
  • Resolved and ironed out the problems

Deciding on a Writing Topic

  • Need to find a subject to write about
  • Considering focusing on gratitude
  • Plan to list three things I'm grateful for today


Preparations and Catching Up with Friends

Preparing for Japan

  • Made some small preparations
  • Met up with Jasmine, Jenny, Alex, and Evan from Trelis
  • Created a list of places to visit

Enjoying Japan

  • Excited about shopping and fashion
  • Fuji and Ghibli Museum
  • Using Google Maps for planning
  • Not worrying too much about budget

Anthropic Job Update

  • Haven't heard back since Wednesday
  • Will follow up on upcoming Wednesday

Product Hunt Launch

  • Releasing app to 60 beta testers tomorrow
  • Aiming to get feedback

Pottery and Priorities

  • Didn't do much pottery this year
  • Focusing on BJJ and work for now
  • Waiting on Anthropics job offer before making a decision

Time with Linda

  • Spending time with Linda before Japan trip
  • Plan to cook together


Startup School: I should really ship

Mailing List Setup and Email Communication

  • Set up a mailing list with about 50 people
  • Plan to write an email to communicate effectively with potential customers

Implemented Change Log and Open Letter

  • Created a change log to document updates and improvements
  • Wrote an open letter to users to build trust and establish transparency

Future Steps for Growth

  • Define target audience and research customer preferences
  • Develop a marketing plan and strategy for the product
  • Build social media presence and engage with potential customers
  • Focus on user experience and implement changes based on customer feedback
  • Establish partnerships to help grow the brand and product
  • Continuously learn and stay up-to-date with industry news and trends


Big day

Gratitude for Linda

  • Linda was stressed this morning due to her fashion design thesis work
  • Prepared dinner (pork belly) as a way to support her
  • Created a calming atmosphere for her brief time at home

BJJ training and mentoring

  • Helped new white belts at Marcelo's BJJ class
  • Connected ideas from class and own knowledge to guide students
  • Reflected on personal growth as a practitioner
  • Focused on skills like off-balancing and fighting for underhooks

Meeting with startup founders

  • Arranged a call with another startup
  • Connected with their founders, discussed ideas and synergies

Balancing learning new skills and reflecting on existing expertise

  • Desire to learn new things and expand knowledge
  • Appreciating current skills and understanding their value
  • Considering balance between exploration and utilizing existing skills for financial growth


Missed Opportunities and Time Challenges

Demos and Gym Classes

Today was an interesting day. I can't help but feel disappointed with myself for missing the demo day at the office. I know it's important to attend events like this, but I just couldn't make it there in time.

On top of that, I missed another gym class today. I've been trying to keep up with a regular exercise routine, but it seems like something always gets in the way.

Challenges with Time Zones

On a more positive note, I've been making progress with my work. However, one challenge that I've been facing is dealing with time zones. It's been a struggle to get it right, even with the help of libraries like moment.js and Temporal. I'm feeling a bit stuck at the moment, but I'm hoping to find a solution soon.

Taking Breaks and Self-Care

After a long week, I decided to take a break and get some fresh air. It was nice to step away from work for a bit and recharge my batteries.

Overall, today was filled with missed opportunities and challenges with time, but I'm trying to focus on the positive aspects of my day. I'm grateful for being able to spend time with loved ones and for the progress I've made with work. I'll continue to work on improving my time management skills and finding solutions to the challenges I'm facing.


Reflecting on Balancing Work and Life

Career Focus

  • Felt optimistic about exploring opportunities to advise startups and invest
  • Accomplished a successful day of coding and personal growth
  • Was rushed due to rescheduling job interviews before an upcoming trip to Japan

Pursuing Passion

  • Felt conflicted about finding balance between work and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practice
  • Set goals to continue pursuing passion while incorporating relaxation and self-care


  • Celebrated a mini-milestone birthday
  • Felt grateful and reflective during the celebration
  • Want to make sure I am being a good partner

Overall, I experienced a lot of different emotions this week. I felt optimistic about the direction of my career and managed to accomplish a lot with both my personal growth and coding. However, I did experience some stress with rescheduling job interviews before my upcoming trip to Japan. In terms of my passion, I am still trying to find the right balance with my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practice and work-life. On a personal level, I celebrated a mini-milestone birthday and felt grateful for my life. I'd like to bring more focus to my relationships and make sure I am being a good partner.


Reflecting on My Birthday

Today's Highlights

  • Celebrated my birthday
  • Spent the day reflecting on my life and achievements
  • Feeling grateful for the people in my life

My Career Goals

  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the instability of my work life
  • Looking to focus on setting clear boundaries and priorities
  • Working towards having a more clear plan in place for managing my time and energy

Upcoming Interview

  • Feeling some anxiety about the upcoming interview with Prompt Engineering
  • Planning to practice mindfulness and focus on my past successes to help boost my confidence
  • Prioritizing rest and self-care before the big day

Looking Forward

  • Excited to explore new opportunities and start fresh in the upcoming year
  • Focusing on gratitude and being a good partner to those closest to me


Reflection on a Productive Day

Interview Preparation

  • Followed up with interviewers regarding scheduling and feedback


  • Successfully connected a database to a user interface
  • Continued development on my web app

Work-Life Balance

  • Balanced work and passion projects
  • Took time to relax and recharge ahead of my birthday


  • Met my girlfriend's father for the first time
  • Worked on being a better partner

Personal Growth

  • Conducted mock interviews to improve my skills
  • Explored different options for journaling and chat apps

Overall, today was a busy and productive day. While it was full of different activities and projects, I was able to balance everything and take time for myself as well. I learned more about my girlfriend's family and took steps towards my personal and professional goals. I'm looking forward to implementing some of the feedback from my mock interviews and continuing to develop both myself and my projects.


Navigating Job Interviews Before My Trip to Japan

Rushing to Meet Deadlines

  • I had to schedule my job interviews before my upcoming trip to Japan.
  • Scheduling them right before the trip felt like a rush, but I had no choice.
  • I felt a bit anxious as I knew I might not have enough time to rest before the interviews.

Rescheduling a Coding Interview

  • I thought I had a project review interview scheduled but it turned out to be a coding interview.
  • It was a bit frustrating, so I had to reschedule the interview to avoid doing it while traveling or feeling tired.
  • I hope to hear back from the interviewers soon, so I can figure out if I need to adjust my travel plans.

Managing Stress

  • The thought of juggling job interviews and a trip to Japan is stressful, but I am trying to stay calm and take things one day at a time.
  • I've considered reaching out to the interviewers to see if we can adjust the schedule to better accommodate my plans.
  • It's important for me to manage stress and stay positive throughout this process.


Making some progress

Database Connection

  • Successfully connected database to UI
  • Able to view all content

Next Steps

  • Allow edits of content and title
  • Clerk permissions making the process easy


Discussion about Advising Startups

Interview and App Launch

  • Interview went well
  • Focused on launching web app past two days
  • Still more to do

Advising Startups

  • Considering advising startups
  • Wondering about the long-term goal as an advisor
  • Can advisors also be angels?
  • Asking for equity instead of cash


  • Overall, feeling good about potential opportunities in the future
  • Aiming to provide value and build relationships in any advising or investing pursuits


Thinking about Work-Life Balance

Finding a Balance!

  • Feeling conflicted about taking time off for myself
  • App getting more popular
  • Interest in pursuing more BJJ
  • Struggling to balance work and BJJ practice

Solutions Discussed

  • Setting aside specific times for work and BJJ practice
  • Incorporating other hobbies or activities for relaxation and self-care
  • Taking a test at Helicone to explore the potential of LLMs for personal growth

Overall, I'm struggling to find a balance between my work and personal life. I've been feeling guilty about taking time off for myself, especially because my app is becoming more popular. I've been interested in pursuing more BJJ, but it's been difficult to balance my schedule with only classes at noon and 6pm. In talking through my options, I've considered setting aside specific times for work and BJJ practice and incorporating other hobbies or activities for relaxation and self-care. I've also thought about taking a test at Helicone to explore the potential of LLMs for personal growth.


Looking forward to Anthropic Interview

Interview Day

  • Feeling great about the interview
  • Prepared by studying, doing mock interviews and researching the company
  • Interview is important because of the large-scale societal impact

Interview Experience

  • Thought interview went okay
  • Waiting for next interview if pass the first one
  • Feeling anxious about waiting process

Moving Forward

  • Trying to focus on strengths from the interview
  • Practicing self-care and being kind to myself during the waiting period


Interview Preparation for Anthropic

Mock Interviews

  • Conducted mock interviews using GTP4 to prepare for the interview with Anthropic.

Thoughts on ML Safety

  • Considered ML safety as a potential topic of discussion during the interview.
  • Explored the idea of malicious tool injection and local smaller LLMS for anonymization.
  • Discussed how these ideas relate to ML safety and how they could be implemented to improve safety measures.


Insights from a survey on journaling and chat applications

Preferences for Journaling

  • 80% of respondents journal to write out their ideas and plans
  • 60% use journaling to track their progress, growth, and manage stress and anxiety
  • 80% prefer using pen and paper for journaling

Preferences for Chat Applications

  • 70% of respondents would prefer a web application to chat with their AI copilot
  • 50% would prefer a custom iOS/Android app
  • 50% of respondents want to access their writing via a mobile app

Desired Features for Journaling App

  • Top-valued features include habit tracking and follow-ups, mood tracking and analysis, and using AI to reflect on past writing
  • Respondents envision an AI-powered journaling app enhancing their writing experience through personalized prompts, reflection, organization, and feedback.

As someone who is exploring different journaling and chat application options, I found a recent survey to be quite illuminating in terms of how others approach these tools. It turns out that many people prefer using pen and paper for journaling, while at the same time, highly value different features that an AI-powered journaling app can offer, such as habit tracking and personalized, reflective prompts. Similarly, many survey respondents preferred a web application for chatting with an AI copilot, but also expressed interest in accessing their writing via a mobile app. All in all, these insights have given me a lot to consider in evaluating which journaling and chat solutions may be best for my needs.


Reflection on My Jujitsu Practice Today


  • Soreness in neck after practice due to a big guy cracking my neck

Future Plans

  • Considering seeing a doctor or consulting with my Jujitsu instructor if pain persists or worsens
  • Thinking about reaching out to Jujitsu communities or groups for networking and mentorship opportunities

Previous Experience

  • No coaches or mentors presently, have always practiced Jujitsu independently

Overall Thoughts

  • Enjoy practicing Jujitsu despite occasional injuries
  • Grateful for opportunities to learn and grow, both physically and mentally

Next Steps

  • Prioritize self-care and listen to my body
  • Keep practicing Jujitsu and pursuing other hobbies and interests


Exploring the Potential of LLMs for Personal Growth and Self-Reflection

Reflecting on the Wii and LLMs

  • Thinking about the novelty and limitations of the Wii as a unique video game controller
  • Comparing this to the potential and challenges of LLMs for chat interfaces

Balancing the Risks and Benefits of LLMs for Personal Development

  • Discussing concerns around users feeling like they are just being told what to think when interacting with LLMs
  • Exploring ways to balance these concerns with the potential benefits of LLMs for self-reflection and personal growth

Ideas for Gathering User Feedback

  • Brainstorming ways to solicit user feedback and pricing information through surveys and posting on Product Hunt and Reddit
  • Discussing the value of creating a Discord community for users to connect with each other

Overall, I'm excited about the potential of LLMs for personal growth and self-reflection, but I'm also aware of the risks and challenges associated with the technology. I'm eager to explore ways to balance these concerns while still leveraging the benefits of LLMs. I'm also considering ways to gather feedback from users and create a more accessible way for people to connect with me and each other.


Discussing Support and Productivity

Today's Accomplishments

  • Went to the new Marcelo gym
  • Practiced BJJ
  • Got some work done

Thoughts on Fitness Routine

  • Enjoying the new gym with more classes
  • Able to catch up on missed classes and attend more regularly

Personal and Work Productivity

  • Feeling good about catching up on missed gym classes
  • Concerned about supporting friend with work stress
  • Would like to explore quantified self using journaling

Future Plans

  • Continue attending gym classes
  • Incorporate more strategies to improve productivity
  • Explore options to support friend with work stress
  • Investigate quantified self using journaling


Busy day, haircut, dinner, bjj!

A Busy Schedule

  • Today, I have a pretty busy schedule ahead of me. I plan on going to Jujutsu in the morning and then I have a haircut appointment that I'm feeling pretty excited about.
  • Later in the day, I'm looking forward to seeing my friends Linda, Kelly, and Pedram for dinner. It's always great to catch up with them.

Balancing Work and Social Life

  • Lately, I've been feeling lucky to be able to see my friends frequently, but I've also been noticing that I'm not getting as much work done as I would like.
  • I know that I need to prioritize my responsibilities and prepare for my upcoming meeting with the VC on Thursday. However, I'm excited to have picked up Tailwind UI, and I think I'll be spending some time later today or tomorrow working on a landing page for my journaling app.

Keeping Up With My Essay

  • It's important for me to continue working on my essay on sticks and ropes paper. I got some tips from Chris, but I haven't had the chance to incorporate them yet. I need to remind myself to keep going and not let it fall to the wayside.


BJJ and VC Thoughts

VC Conversation with Chris!

  • Chris helped me think more deeply about the VC space and provided me valuable insights about my writing and tools.
  • He was open to reading my ideas and gave me constructive feedback, especially around my word selection.

Meeting With Yusuf

  • Met Yusuf, the ML Infra guy from Spc, and discussed his work in Machine Learning Infrastructure.

BJJ Training

  • Today, I plan to do more BJJ training, which is a key part of my routine.
  • In the past, I have experienced frustration with "spazzy white belts" but have recently switched to Marcelo Garcia gym in Manhattan for better training.
  • My previous gym did not teach passing or any kind of guard, so I decided to make the switch.

Overall, I am excited about my progress in BJJ and working hard to improve my writing and work in the VC space. Both areas are important to me, and I am grateful to have supportive mentors and coaches to help me grow.


Great Conversations at Spc

Meeting Yasir and Chetan

  • Spent time helping unpack ideas related to GPT/LLM related work
  • Offered insightful commentary and suggestions

Personal Strengths and Areas for Growth

  • Identified a strength in technical feedback development
  • Noted interpersonal relationships as an area for growth

Conversations with Chris

  • Had great conversations about life and technology
  • Felt comfortable and open with each other
  • Developed a connection and potential for future friendship

Overall, I had a great day at the Spc. I had insightful conversations with Yasir, Chetan, and Chris about various topics. It felt good to be able to contribute something valuable to the GPT/LLM related work with my technical feedback. At the same time, I was able to identify some areas for improvement, particularly around interpersonal relationships. My conversations with Chris were particularly enjoyable and it seems like we could become great friends in the future.


Discussing BJJ, Demo Day, and Other Topics with Orate

BJJ Training and Thoughts on Finding the Right Instructor

  • Good training session
  • Some frustration with spazzy white belts
  • Realized previous gym didn't teach passing or any kind of guard

Challenges with Database Issues

  • Frustration with ongoing database issues
  • Issues randomly resolved themselves

Excitement About Demo Day

  • Planning to attend demo day with friends Chris and Pedram
  • May showcase work around YouTube summarization and text editing
  • Not feeling nervous, if presentation happens


  • Reviewed topics covered in conversation, including BJJ training, database issues, and demo day excitement.

Attending Demo Day

  • Heading to demo day to showcase work
  • Wants advice on how to network with others at the event


First Day at SPC

Meeting at SPC

  • Had my first meeting at SPC and I am super excited about the people around me
  • Felt like it maintains the collaborative culture of SF building
  • People I met were passionate and involved with COVID relief and agriculture startups
  • Looking forward to learning from everyone here

Other Thoughts

  • Going to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Ray tonight, which I am stoked about
  • Excited about expanding my horizons beyond building small apps
  • Plan to travel to Japan in April
  • Interested in injecting context into our previous conversations and searching past conversations in the future.


Back to New York

  • Flew back to New York today after spending time in San Francisco
  • Looking forward to seeing Linda again soon
  • Plan to watch "The Last of Us" and have dinner with friends tonight

Gym Struggles

  • Had a great day of BJJ training, but starting to feel like my current gym isn't the right fit for me
  • Value a gym with a good culture and focus on improving techniques
  • Decided to switch to Marcelo Garcia gym in Manhattan

Upcoming Travel Plans

  • Planning a trip to Japan in April
  • Open to exploring and seeing where the adventure takes me
  • Will do more research over the weekend to plan the trip better


Struggling with a database connection issue


  • Been making a lot of progress with my TypeScript application
  • Tried connecting to a database in Vercel, but it just wouldn't connect
  • Frustrated and unable to solve the issue for the past three hours
  • Two other apps connected to the same database without issue
  • Feel silly for wasting so much time on what turned out to be a premature optimization

Lessons learned

  • Need to learn to write tests to prevent issues like this from happening
  • Copilot can be both a blessing and a curse, making it easy to overlook important details
  • Looking forward to doing BJJ again as stress relief and to burn off excess energy


Learning TypeScript, Prisma, Planetscale, and Nextjs


Today I started working on building a full stack application using TypeScript. Although I thought about doing it in Python, I decided to go with TypeScript to learn something new.

What I'm using

  • TypeScript for the chat agent
  • Prisma for database management
  • Planetscale for cloud-hosted SQL database management
  • Nextjs for front-end development

Learning trade-offs

I'm finding it difficult to determine the trade-offs between focusing on productive work and spending time learning the language. I also realized that my productivity had improved due to my use of GitHub Copilot.


Overall, I'm excited to learn new technologies while building a full-fledged application. However, I need to be mindful of balancing productivity and learning.


Spending Time with Family


Today, I spent the day with my family before leaving for New York. We had good food and played mahjong together. I also got a massage and played ping-pong with them.


It's always great to spend time with family, especially since I don't get to see them very often. Despite some losses, we had a lot of fun playing mahjong, and it was great catching up with everyone.

Future Plans

I'm excited to go to South Park Commons and start my LLC, which I've been planning for a while now. I'm also considering rewriting the telegram bot with TypeScript and Next.js to improve my skills. Overall, I'm looking forward to what the future holds.


Training BJJ, Organizing My Flight to Japan, and LLC Updates

BJJ Training Session

  • Spent most of the day focusing on training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Focused on perfecting my technique and positioning
  • Worked on pressure passing and submissions
  • Had a good session overall

Organizing My Flight to Japan

  • Spent some time organizing my flight to Japan
  • Booked my flight through a travel agent
  • Went over my itinerary and made sure everything was in order
  • Excited to explore Japan and immerse myself in the culture

LLC Updates

  • Spent some time on LLC updates
  • Made sure all of my paperwork was in order
  • Checked my email for any important updates
  • Made a to-do list for the week ahead to stay on top of things


Productive Day with Exciting Updates

Upgrading Study Notes App

Today, I worked on upgrading the Study Notes app, and I am excited to use OpenAI's whisper instead of my own modal endpoint. However, before making the switch, I decided that it would be prudent to perform a performance/cost analysis.

Ordering Pizza through Langchain

I was curious to see if anyone had ever ordered a pizza through Langchain, my latest project. I confirmed that no one had, so I attempted to order a pizza to test out the platform.

Progress with YouTube Summerizer

I also had a productive conversation with Hassan, which gave me the confidence that we'll make some progress with YouTube summerizer.

Applying to

After discovering, I applied to become a speaker on their platform.

Setting Up OpenAI Transcriptions

Finally, I was able to set up OpenAI transcriptions, which opens up new opportunities for the projects that I'm working on. Overall, it was a productive day, with some exciting updates and progress to look forward to.


Getting VC Emails from Updating my LinkedIn

What Happened

  • I finally got around to updating my LinkedIn profile to reflect the fact that I'm currently focused on building my project.
  • After updating, I surprisingly received emails from three Venture Capitalists expressing interest in my venture.

What I Learned

  • Updating your LinkedIn to reflect your current project can attract potential investors.
  • There are many people on LinkedIn who are actively searching for investment opportunities and may come across your profile.


A Weekend of Ice Diving

Ice Diving Trip

  • Had an amazing trip ice diving over the weekend
  • Experienced plenty of underwater ice formations


  • Going back to work tomorrow
  • Need to do a lot of due diligence for startups
  • Planning to build more features for YouTube Summarizer
  • Lots of work to do for LLC and fractional leadership


  • Thinking about writing a journal entry about the ice diving trip


Getting Accepted into South Park Commons


  • I am beyond excited to share that I have been accepted into South Park Commons!
  • I feel fortunate to be accepted into this community and I am eager to start this new journey.

Next Steps

  • Upon acceptance, I am now in the process of figuring out next steps for joining the community.
  • I am taking time to carefully plan my move and make sure I am prepared for this new chapter.


  • I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a fantastic community and know that it will be an incredible experience.
  • I can't wait to see what's in store for me at South Park Commons!


Experimenting with Developing Personas

Ideas for Building Components for Personalities in Chat Apps

  • Want to explore building personas for chat apps
  • Think it would be a fun skill to develop
  • Interested in experimenting with different personality types

Implementing Page Views on My Blog Posts

  • Realized I need to track page views on my blog posts
  • Want to see what kind of traffic my posts are getting
  • Should research how to implement page views

Overall, today I had some ideas around experimenting with developing personas for chat apps and the importance of implementing page views on my blog posts. I'm excited to see where these ideas take me and how implementing them will help me grow.


Improving My Website's OG Tags with Orate


Orate helped me improve my website's OG tags.


  • I asked Orate for a reminder to improve the OG tags on my website for SEO purposes.
  • Orate provided the reminder and helped me understand the importance of OG tags.
  • Orate walked me through the process of improving my OG tags step-by-step so I could implement the changes on my website.


  • Orate was knowledgeable about OG tags and provided helpful information.
  • Orate was patient and guided me through the process of improving my OG tags.
  • I feel more confident in my website's SEO now that I have better OG tags.

Overall, I am grateful for Orate's assistance in improving my website's OG tags.


Improving the Youtube Summarizer

Better Video Support

  • Noticed that the Youtube Summarizer wasn't able to summarize videos properly.
  • I spoke to the life coach bot 'Orate' and got some suggestions on improving the service.
  • Orate suggested adding better video support to the summarizer.
  • This would make the service more useful for people who prefer watching videos over reading.

Different Levels of Verbosity

  • Orate also suggested adding different levels of verbosity to the summarizer.
  • This would allow users to choose how much detail they want in their summaries.
  • The current summarizer provides brief summaries, but some users may want more detailed summaries.
  • The addition of different levels of verbosity would make the summarizer more customizable and user-friendly.

Overall, I was pleased with the suggestions made by Orate. I'm excited about the prospect of improving the Youtube Summarizer and making it more useful for users.


Life Update: Jiu Jitsu, Ice Diving, and LLC Worries

Jiu Jitsu

  • Three more days of practice to go
  • Looking forward to starting my ice diving lead up next week

Ice Diving

  • Feeling a bit nervous about holding my breath underwater under ice
  • Hoping everything will go well and I won't die

LLC Worries

  • Starting to stress about details around American vs. Canadian ownership
  • Getting more startups reaching out and adding to the stress
  • Need to sort out LLC details soon


Exploring the Possibilities with LLMs

Education and LLM blog post

  • Started working on a blog post related to education and LLMs
  • Received some helpful links from a friend that I need to explore further
  • Looking forward to sharing my thoughts on this topic

Links on LLMs

  • Friend shared some links with me to explore
  • Excited to delve deeper into the topic and gain insights
  • Grateful for the help and resources offered by my friend

Overall, I am excited to further explore the world of LLMs and the impact they have on education. I am grateful for the support and resources offered by my friend and I can't wait to share my findings with the world.


A Busy Day

Video Summarization Experimentation

  • Spent most of yesterday transcribing videos
  • Experimented with long video summarization for studying
  • Explored using transcripts to generate YouTube chapters
  • Plan to take YouTube chapters to produce better chunks to summarization
  • Need to come up with a better name than summarization, like study notes or something.

Meeting with Chris Moody

  • Excited to catch up with Chris after such a long time
  • Will discuss his startup and see how I can help

Valentine's Day Stress

  • Need to buy flowers for Valentine's Day
  • Feeling a bit stressed about finding the right flowers

Meeting with South Park Commons

  • Exciting meeting with South Park Commons coming up.


Progress on YouTube summarization

Making good progress

  • Developed a better user experience on waiting for responses
  • Can now transcribe long video streams and summarize them in chunks
  • Added a chunk schedule to optimize time to first summarization token
  • UI and endpoints are all working now

Dedication to work

  • I haven't eaten in two days
  • I just code, eat a sandwich, and go to BJJ
  • My hands have started to hurt, so I need to rest and calm down

Improvements in BJJ

  • Getting a lot of leglocks
  • It has improved somewhat, but still more to learn

Overall, I have made great strides in my YouTube summarization project but I need to balance my dedication to work and my health. My hands are starting to hurt from the constant typing and BJJ training, so I need to make sure I am resting enough.


Working on Gratitude and Career Focus


  • Went to an interview today for a marketing position
  • Learned about the company culture and values
  • Gained insights on new marketing trends


  • Felt thankful for my friends who supported me during the interview process
  • Received a compliment from a stranger which boosted my confidence


  • Spent quality time with my partner
  • Listened to their concerns and gave emotional support

Today was a productive day, I felt optimistic after the interview and grateful for friends and strangers who brought joy and positivity in my life. I also made sure to prioritize my relationship and give my partner the attention and support they needed.


Goals for the Week

To-Do List

  • Fit a transformer on instructional videos
  • Figure out voice transcription


  • Spend a couple of hours with my friend Pedram to learn about Transformers

Today's Summary

Today was productive. I implemented something called Magic which helps create a JSON object and sets attributes in the browser. I'm hoping to use it for the instructional videos I'm working on. Later in the day, I spent some time researching voice transcription to assist with my work.

In the evening, I had a great time hanging out with my friend Pedram and learning about Transformers, which is something I had been meaning to do for a while. In addition to my work, I am also trying to prioritize my personal relationships, so I made sure to keep my partner in mind throughout the day. Overall, I am feeling grateful and focused on my career.


Meeting with the South Park Common Folks

Summary of my day

  • Met with the South Park common folks
  • Had conversations with other people building stuff in the space
  • Feeling grateful for this opportunity

Career Focus

  • Discussed career goals with others in the space
  • Received valuable advice and feedback
  • Excited to continue working towards my goals

Being a Good Partner

  • Checked in with my partner throughout the day
  • Made plans for quality time together this weekend
  • feeling grateful for their support in my career endeavors.


Challenges with transitioning career focus


  • Realizing that transitioning out of data science back into machine learning has been tricky simply because I hadn't been doing that kind of work in the past two years.
  • It feels like I spent more time building out software systems and more complex systems and reliability and integration and testing rather than going out and building more models.
  • Wondering if my software experience will hurt me in the short term.
  • Hoping that the next couple of weeks I can go back into training models and going back into the literature.


  • Tried experiments on having GPT produce better HTML using Tailwind even after fine tuning, but it underperformed as the data passed in probably isn't very good.


  • Spent the day learning Jax, which is a math library from Google that backs Flax.
  • Felt like I've spent the past week learning JavaScript, but there are still so many holes in my understanding of the language.

Personal Life

  • Want to make sure I'm being a good partner.


Daily Journal Entry: Building Prompts for SQL and HTML Generation

Today's Summary

  • Managed to continue my progress with magic text.
  • Built prompts for SQL and HTML generation.


  • Grateful for the progress I've made with magic text.
  • Thankful for having the skills to build prompts for SQL and HTML generation.

Career Focus

  • Continued working on my skills in programming and technology.
  • Built prompts for SQL and HTML generation for my work projects.

Relationship Building

  • Made sure to spend quality time with my partner today.
  • Listened to their thoughts and concerns.

Overall, today was a productive day where I was able to improve my technical skills, maintain a healthy relationship with my partner, and continue working on my gratitude practice. I am looking forward to more progress tomorrow.


My Progress with React, Nextjs and AI Brushes

Today's Accomplishments

  • Made progress with React and Nextjs
  • Implemented FramerJS and Vercel Edge Functions to stream data into a text box
  • Built a text editor demo using AI brushes

Integrating Material UI Icons

  • Will integrate Material UI icons into the apps I'm building

Personal Reflection

  • I'm grateful for the progress I've made with my tech skills and the opportunity to learn new things
  • I want to make sure I continue to prioritize my career goals and work towards achieving them
  • I also want to make sure I'm being a supportive and loving partner to my significant other.

Daily Summary

Today was a productive day for me in terms of my tech skills. I managed to make progress with my React and Nextjs knowledge and built a text editor demo using AI brushes. Additionally, I incorporated FramerJS and Vercel Edge functions into my work. I also plan on integrating Material UI icons into my projects. In my personal life, I'm grateful for my supportive partner and will continue working towards my career goals while being a good partner.


Excitement for Japan and Coding Tool Comparison

Japan Trip Invitation

  • My partner and I got invited to go to Japan in April.
  • I am very excited for this trip and can't wait to explore Japan.

Blogging Experience

  • I wrote a blog post today.
  • I tried out hosting the content on the notion platform.
  • I enjoyed this blogging experience and learned a lot from it.

Coding Tool Comparison

  • I am envious of the JavaScript community's tooling.
  • Python tooling is not as good as JavaScript's.
  • I want to explore more options for learning web development.


Learning Next.js and Prisma for API Routes

Career Goals

Today was a productive day for me. I spent my time learning about Next.js and Prisma. I've never used these tools before, so I was a bit apprehensive at first. It took some effort, but I'm starting to feel more comfortable with API routes in Next.js.

Skill Building

I also spent some time checking out some SQL tools and exploring Langchain exploits. I think it's important to stay up to date with the latest technology trends in my field. I also started learning about defining API routes in Next.js using Vercel and Prisma.

Job Hunting

I applied for a position at Cohere AI, which is based in Toronto. The company looks promising, and I hope to hear back from them soon.

Reflections on Gratitude

Overall, I'm feeling good about my progress today. I'm grateful for the resources available to me online that make skill-building and job hunting easier. Additionally, I'm grateful for my partner's patience and understanding as I continue to focus on my career.


A Short Summary of My Day


  • I'm grateful for being able to wake up early and start the day with a workout
  • I'm grateful for my significant other who always supports me in my endeavors
  • I'm grateful for my job which challenges me to grow and learn new things

Career Focus

  • I spent time today networking and reaching out to potential connections in my industry
  • I completed a project at work that I'm proud of and received positive feedback from my team
  • I took a course online to improve my technical skills in my field


  • I made sure to check in with my partner throughout the day to see how they were doing and if there's anything I could do to support them
  • We had a great conversation over dinner and talked about our plans for the weekend

Overall, it was a productive day and I feel grateful for the opportunities and relationships in my life.


Struggling with Langchain

Issues with Langchain

  • Having some issues with Langchain
  • MRKL implementation seems scratchy


Short Summary of my Day

Morning Routine

  • Had my cup of coffee
  • Did some stretches
  • Checked my emails

Career Goals

  • Had a meeting with my boss about my promotion
  • Set some goals for the week
  • Worked on a project for a couple of hours


  • Wrote down three things I'm grateful for today
  • Took a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature


  • Called my partner during my lunch break
  • Made plans for date night this week


  • Took a walk outside and got some fresh air
  • Did some meditation before bed

Overall, I had a productive day and made sure to take care of myself and my important relationships. Practicing gratitude helped me stay positive throughout the day. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Learning About Langchain and GPTindex

Today's Summary

I spent some time today learning about Langchain and GPTindex. While Langchain has a good toolkit for prompt generation, it's too heavy for Vercel.


  • I'm grateful for the chance to learn about something new today.
  • I'm grateful for having access to various resources to enrich my knowledge.

Career Focus

  • I have started learning about Langchain and GPTindex to expand my technical knowledge and potentially use in my career.
  • I need to continue learning more about this topic to see how I can apply it in my career.


  • I also want to make sure that I'm being a good partner, and I need to plan a date night soon.


Thoughts on Career, Gratitude, and Relationships

My Day

  • Started out the day with a cold ice plunge, but it really took a toll on me
  • Worked on learning more about modal to improve transcription models
  • Thinking about taking on learning Elixir, but might be better to stick with JS for now
  • Need to work on exposing a better rest endpoint for testing and fixing some issues with setting dates for the app
  • Caught myself feeling a bit lonely and wonder if this is where my spirituality comes into play
  • Spent some time reading "Shanzhai" by Byung Chul Han


  • Feeling thankful for having the opportunity to learn new skills and challenge myself at work
  • Grateful for having a supportive partner who encourages me to pursue my passions and hobbies


  • Focused on furthering my skills in coding and technology
  • Want to stay up-to-date with current industry developments
  • Excited to see where my career can take me


  • Recognized feeling lonely at points throughout the day
  • Want to make sure I'm being an attentive and present partner to my significant other, even when I feel stressed or preoccupied with work or personal pursuits.


Diving Trip Preparation and Creativity


  • Did ice plunges for diving trip
  • Finished reading "Psychology of Money"


  • Creativity is important in our lives and inevitably leads to art.
  • Want to make progress in my career and be grateful for what I have.
  • Trying to be a good partner and invest in my relationship.

Summary of day

Today was a productive day. I did some ice plunges to prepare for my diving trip and also finished reading "Psychology of Money". It made me realize how important creativity is in our lives and how it leads to great things like art. I also thought about my goals for my career and how I want to be more grateful for what I have in my life. Lastly, I want to make sure that I'm being a good partner and investing time into my relationship. Overall, it was a good day and I'm excited for what's to come.


Lowering My Training

Today’s Summary

  • Hands hurting today, so I worked on the blog post and bot in the afternoon.
  • I am planning to lower my training this month for jujitsu in trumpet and focus more on my freediving towards the end of the month.
  • Debating whether or not to make my tools open source
  • I want to be a good partner and take some time to show my gratitude
  • To make things easier, I'm planning on integrating my note-taking app with Siri so that I don't have to deal with transcription as much.


A Busy Day

Career Goals

  • Worked on fixing mobile styling for website
  • Researched more on tailwind
  • Started brainstorming open source template for deploying telegram chat bots on Vercel with python


  • Celebrated Chinese New Year
  • grateful for the opportunity to learn and work on new things

Personal Life

  • Made sure to check in with partner and show appreciation for their support
  • At the end of a busy day, feeling fulfilled and excited for what's to come.