I like to share my ideas with others, so I use an app that records my voice memos and saves them for later. I use GPT to help me make sense of what I have been thinking about and organize my thoughts. If you want to try to use your own AI powered Journal check out my new app Journal


A Short Summary of My Day


  • I'm grateful for being able to wake up early and start the day with a workout
  • I'm grateful for my significant other who always supports me in my endeavors
  • I'm grateful for my job which challenges me to grow and learn new things

Career Focus

  • I spent time today networking and reaching out to potential connections in my industry
  • I completed a project at work that I'm proud of and received positive feedback from my team
  • I took a course online to improve my technical skills in my field


  • I made sure to check in with my partner throughout the day to see how they were doing and if there's anything I could do to support them
  • We had a great conversation over dinner and talked about our plans for the weekend

Overall, it was a productive day and I feel grateful for the opportunities and relationships in my life.


Struggling with Langchain

Issues with Langchain

  • Having some issues with Langchain
  • MRKL implementation seems scratchy


Short Summary of my Day

Morning Routine

  • Had my cup of coffee
  • Did some stretches
  • Checked my emails

Career Goals

  • Had a meeting with my boss about my promotion
  • Set some goals for the week
  • Worked on a project for a couple of hours


  • Wrote down three things I'm grateful for today
  • Took a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature


  • Called my partner during my lunch break
  • Made plans for date night this week


  • Took a walk outside and got some fresh air
  • Did some meditation before bed

Overall, I had a productive day and made sure to take care of myself and my important relationships. Practicing gratitude helped me stay positive throughout the day. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Learning About Langchain and GPTindex

Today's Summary

I spent some time today learning about Langchain and GPTindex. While Langchain has a good toolkit for prompt generation, it's too heavy for Vercel.


  • I'm grateful for the chance to learn about something new today.
  • I'm grateful for having access to various resources to enrich my knowledge.

Career Focus

  • I have started learning about Langchain and GPTindex to expand my technical knowledge and potentially use in my career.
  • I need to continue learning more about this topic to see how I can apply it in my career.


  • I also want to make sure that I'm being a good partner, and I need to plan a date night soon.


Thoughts on Career, Gratitude, and Relationships

My Day

  • Started out the day with a cold ice plunge, but it really took a toll on me
  • Worked on learning more about modal to improve transcription models
  • Thinking about taking on learning Elixir, but might be better to stick with JS for now
  • Need to work on exposing a better rest endpoint for testing and fixing some issues with setting dates for the app
  • Caught myself feeling a bit lonely and wonder if this is where my spirituality comes into play
  • Spent some time reading "Shanzhai" by Byung Chul Han


  • Feeling thankful for having the opportunity to learn new skills and challenge myself at work
  • Grateful for having a supportive partner who encourages me to pursue my passions and hobbies


  • Focused on furthering my skills in coding and technology
  • Want to stay up-to-date with current industry developments
  • Excited to see where my career can take me


  • Recognized feeling lonely at points throughout the day
  • Want to make sure I'm being an attentive and present partner to my significant other, even when I feel stressed or preoccupied with work or personal pursuits.


Diving Trip Preparation and Creativity


  • Did ice plunges for diving trip
  • Finished reading "Psychology of Money"


  • Creativity is important in our lives and inevitably leads to art.
  • Want to make progress in my career and be grateful for what I have.
  • Trying to be a good partner and invest in my relationship.

Summary of day

Today was a productive day. I did some ice plunges to prepare for my diving trip and also finished reading "Psychology of Money". It made me realize how important creativity is in our lives and how it leads to great things like art. I also thought about my goals for my career and how I want to be more grateful for what I have in my life. Lastly, I want to make sure that I'm being a good partner and investing time into my relationship. Overall, it was a good day and I'm excited for what's to come.


Lowering My Training

Today’s Summary

  • Hands hurting today, so I worked on the blog post and bot in the afternoon.
  • I am planning to lower my training this month for jujitsu in trumpet and focus more on my freediving towards the end of the month.
  • Debating whether or not to make my tools open source
  • I want to be a good partner and take some time to show my gratitude
  • To make things easier, I'm planning on integrating my note-taking app with Siri so that I don't have to deal with transcription as much.


A Busy Day

Career Goals

  • Worked on fixing mobile styling for website
  • Researched more on tailwind
  • Started brainstorming open source template for deploying telegram chat bots on Vercel with python


  • Celebrated Chinese New Year
  • grateful for the opportunity to learn and work on new things

Personal Life

  • Made sure to check in with partner and show appreciation for their support
  • At the end of a busy day, feeling fulfilled and excited for what's to come.