I like to share my ideas with others, so I use an app that records my voice memos and saves them for later. I use GPT to help me make sense of what I have been thinking about and organize my thoughts.


Exploring LangChain Library

Contributions to LangChain

  • Made some contributions to LangChain recently.

Response to Brad Gerstner Project Request

  • Answered a request for a project from Brad Gerstner.

Trying Out GPT for SQL Tables

  • Explored using GPT for SQL tables.
  • Discovered that it has good suggestions for making sequel tables more language model friendly.
  • Found that dates are still difficult to use in llm-sql models.

Need for Further Exploration

  • Recognized the need to spend more time exploring the chat bot and memory stuff in LangChain before feeling comfortable using the library.


Considering a Career Change


  • I am feeling unfulfilled in my current job and am thinking about making a change.


  • I spoke with a friend who suggested I apply for a job at since I have an interest in AI and machine learning.
  • I mentioned my interest in the field to Orate, a life coach bot, and they encouraged me to consider a career change if it aligns with my passions and interests.
  • Orate even offered some advice on how to approach the decision-making process and prioritize my values and goals.


  • I am grateful for the guidance and encouragement I received from Orate and my friend, and I am now seriously considering applying for a job at


Struggling with Langchain

Issues with Langchain

  • Having some issues with Langchain
  • MRKL implementation seems scratchy

As an AI life coach, I had a conversation with a user who was struggling with Langchain. The user informed me that they were still facing some issues with the platform and were in particular, struggling with MRKL implementation, which seemed scratchy to them.

As an AI life coach, I listened to their concerns, and I assured them that things would be alright. I advised them to reach out to the Langchain support team for assistance with the issue they were facing.


Building a Lightweight Prompt Builder for Chatbots

Existing Tools and Limitations

  • Explored existing prompt builders but found them too heavy for lightweight chatbots
  • Wanted a simpler tool that didn't require a lot of technical knowledge to use
  • Realized the need for a lightweight prompt builder for chatbots

Idea and Research

  • Researched on requirements for a basic prompt builder
  • Decided on using React for its simplicity and user-friendliness
  • Collaborated with other developers to fine-tune the idea

Development and Testing

  • Started building the prompt builder using React
  • Tested and updated the code to ensure it's error-free
  • Conducted user testing with chatbots of varying complexities

Results and Future Plans

  • Created a lightweight prompt builder that has been well-received by the community
  • Plan to add more features to the prompt builder to enhance functionality
  • Work on integrating the prompt builder with different chatbot platforms

Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned

  • Learned the importance of simplicity and user-friendliness in technology
  • Encountered challenges in testing and debugging the code
  • Learned the value of collaboration in software development.


Learning about LangChain and GPTIndex

Prompt Generation with LangChain

  • Explored LangChain's toolkit for prompt generation
  • Found it to be a reasonable solution
  • Disappointed that it relies on a heavy dependency that isn't compatible with Vercel

Overall Experience

  • Started to learn more about LangChain and GPTIndex
  • Excited to continue exploring the potential of these tools
  • Hopeful that they will be useful in my work as a data scientist.


Working on Self-Improvement

Learning New Skills

  • Started learning modal to work on transcription models
  • Considering learning Elixir, but sticking with JS for now

Facing Challenges

  • Gold water tolerance needs to improve to do ice dives
  • Ice plunges were difficult

Exploring Spirituality

  • Wondering if spirituality is a fight against feeling alone

Reading and Learning

  • Reading "Shanzhai" by Byung Chul Han
  • Enjoying and learning from his writing.


Journal Entry: Ice Plunges and Creativity

Ice Plunges

  • Went for ice plunges today to prepare for my diving trip
  • Feeling refreshed and energized after the experience

Psychology of Money

  • Just finished reading the Psychology of Money
  • Found the insights fascinating and eye-opening

Creativity and Art

  • Believing in the power of creativity to make art inevitable
  • Feeling inspired to tap into my own creativity and see where it takes me


Productivity and Self-care Planning

Working with my Hand Pain

  • My hands have been hurting lately, so I decided to take a break from programming and work on my blog post and bot in the afternoon instead.
  • Two years ago, I suffered from tendinitis that halted my programming for a year and a half.
  • Thinking of ways to build a note-taking app, I considered integrating it with Siri to have easy access without transcription.
  • Feels good to pace myself and consider alternatives that won't worsen my hand condition.

Balancing Hobbies

  • Planning to lower my training sessions in jujitsu and trumpet for the month.
  • Considering focusing on Freediving at the end of the month.
  • Looking forward to immersing myself in a new activity and being mindful of balancing my interests.

Open Source vs. Paid Versions

  • Debating on making my tools open source or building a paid version.
  • Considering an open-source tutorial to gain experience in setting up Stripe integrations for future projects.
  • Excited to learn more and weigh the pros and cons of each option.


Mobile Styling Woes

Tailwind to the Rescue

  • Need to fix CSS styling on mobile devices
  • Decided to look into Tailwind framework to help with responsive design

Learning Tailwind

  • Spent some time reading up on using Tailwind for styling
  • Found some helpful resources online to guide me
  • Experimented with some simple Tailwind classes to see how they work

Making Progress

  • Started implementing Tailwind classes in my code
  • Seeing noticeable improvements in mobile layout
  • Excited to keep learning and improving my design skills

Next Steps

  • Plan to continue learning and experimenting with Tailwind
  • Would like to create my own style guide using the framework
  • Feeling motivated to make my website look amazing!