I like to share my ideas with others, so I use an app that records my voice memos and saves them for later. I use GPT to help me make sense of what I have been thinking about and organize my thoughts.


Getting Accepted into South Park Commons


  • I am beyond excited to share that I have been accepted into South Park Commons!
  • I feel fortunate to be accepted into this community and I am eager to start this new journey.

Next Steps

  • Upon acceptance, I am now in the process of figuring out next steps for joining the community.
  • I am taking time to carefully plan my move and make sure I am prepared for this new chapter.


  • I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a fantastic community and know that it will be an incredible experience.
  • I can't wait to see what's in store for me at South Park Commons!


Experimenting with Developing Personas

Ideas for Building Components for Personalities in Chat Apps

  • Want to explore building personas for chat apps
  • Think it would be a fun skill to develop
  • Interested in experimenting with different personality types

Implementing Page Views on My Blog Posts

  • Realized I need to track page views on my blog posts
  • Want to see what kind of traffic my posts are getting
  • Should research how to implement page views

Overall, today I had some ideas around experimenting with developing personas for chat apps and the importance of implementing page views on my blog posts. I'm excited to see where these ideas take me and how implementing them will help me grow.


Improving My Website's OG Tags with Orate


Orate helped me improve my website's OG tags.


  • I asked Orate for a reminder to improve the OG tags on my website for SEO purposes.
  • Orate provided the reminder and helped me understand the importance of OG tags.
  • Orate walked me through the process of improving my OG tags step-by-step so I could implement the changes on my website.


  • Orate was knowledgeable about OG tags and provided helpful information.
  • Orate was patient and guided me through the process of improving my OG tags.
  • I feel more confident in my website's SEO now that I have better OG tags.

Overall, I am grateful for Orate's assistance in improving my website's OG tags.


Improving the Youtube Summarizer

Better Video Support

  • Noticed that the Youtube Summarizer wasn't able to summarize videos properly.
  • I spoke to the life coach bot 'Orate' and got some suggestions on improving the service.
  • Orate suggested adding better video support to the summarizer.
  • This would make the service more useful for people who prefer watching videos over reading.

Different Levels of Verbosity

  • Orate also suggested adding different levels of verbosity to the summarizer.
  • This would allow users to choose how much detail they want in their summaries.
  • The current summarizer provides brief summaries, but some users may want more detailed summaries.
  • The addition of different levels of verbosity would make the summarizer more customizable and user-friendly.

Overall, I was pleased with the suggestions made by Orate. I'm excited about the prospect of improving the Youtube Summarizer and making it more useful for users.


Life Update: Jiu Jitsu, Ice Diving, and LLC Worries

Jiu Jitsu

  • Three more days of practice to go
  • Looking forward to starting my ice diving lead up next week

Ice Diving

  • Feeling a bit nervous about holding my breath underwater under ice
  • Hoping everything will go well and I won't die

LLC Worries

  • Starting to stress about details around American vs. Canadian ownership
  • Getting more startups reaching out and adding to the stress
  • Need to sort out LLC details soon


Exploring the Possibilities with LLMs

Education and LLM blog post

  • Started working on a blog post related to education and LLMs
  • Received some helpful links from a friend that I need to explore further
  • Looking forward to sharing my thoughts on this topic

Links on LLMs

  • Friend shared some links with me to explore
  • Excited to delve deeper into the topic and gain insights
  • Grateful for the help and resources offered by my friend

Overall, I am excited to further explore the world of LLMs and the impact they have on education. I am grateful for the support and resources offered by my friend and I can't wait to share my findings with the world.


A Busy Day

Video Summarization Experimentation

  • Spent most of yesterday transcribing videos
  • Experimented with long video summarization for studying
  • Explored using transcripts to generate YouTube chapters
  • Plan to take YouTube chapters to produce better chunks to summarization
  • Need to come up with a better name than summarization, like study notes or something.

Meeting with Chris Moody

  • Excited to catch up with Chris after such a long time
  • Will discuss his startup and see how I can help

Valentine's Day Stress

  • Need to buy flowers for Valentine's Day
  • Feeling a bit stressed about finding the right flowers

Meeting with South Park Commons

  • Exciting meeting with South Park Commons coming up.


Progress on YouTube summarization

Making good progress

  • Developed a better user experience on waiting for responses
  • Can now transcribe long video streams and summarize them in chunks
  • Added a chunk schedule to optimize time to first summarization token
  • UI and endpoints are all working now

Dedication to work

  • I haven't eaten in two days
  • I just code, eat a sandwich, and go to BJJ
  • My hands have started to hurt, so I need to rest and calm down

Improvements in BJJ

  • Getting a lot of leglocks
  • It has improved somewhat, but still more to learn

Overall, I have made great strides in my YouTube summarization project but I need to balance my dedication to work and my health. My hands are starting to hurt from the constant typing and BJJ training, so I need to make sure I am resting enough.


Building Tech Tools for Efficient Content Creation

Building a Loom and YouTube Transcription API

  • Wanting to create more efficient workflows for content creators
  • Idea for building an API that can automatically transcribe Loom and YouTube videos into written text
  • This would save creators time and energy by not having to manually transcribe videos themselves

Summarization API with Streaming and Split Support

  • Expanding on the transcription API idea, wanting to create a tool that can summarize written content
  • The summarization tool would have to support splits to ensure accurate and understandable summaries
  • Additionally, having a streaming feature would increase efficiency for content creators in real time

Whisper Streaming with FastAPI

  • Wanting to build a streaming version of the Whisper app using FastAPI
  • Inspired by the privacy and intimacy that Whisper provides, wanting to bring that experience to a live streaming platform
  • Seeing potential for this tool to be used in therapy and counseling sessions as well

Overall, these are all tools designed to increase efficiency for content creators and provide a better experience for users looking for privacy and intimacy in live streaming sessions.


Planning my Week

Tasks to Complete

  • Fit a transformer on instructional videos
  • Figure out voice transcription

Today's Plans

  • Spend a couple of hours with my friend Pedram to learn about Transformers

Brainstorming Demos

  • Implemented something called Magic which conversationally fills in a JSON object and sets attributes in the browser, but not sure where to go from there.

I'm excited about getting some important tasks accomplished this week, including fitting a transformer on instructional videos and figuring out voice transcription. Today, I plan to spend a couple of hours with my friend Pedram to learn about Transformers, which should be a great opportunity to expand my knowledge in this area. I'm also brainstorming ideas for a demo, and recently implemented something called Magic that fills in a JSON object and sets attributes in the browser, but I'm not sure where to take it from here. Overall, I'm feeling motivated and looking forward to tackling these tasks.


Meeting with South Park Common Folks

What happened?

  • I have a meeting scheduled for next Monday with the South Park common folks.
  • I will be having conversations with other people who are building stuff in the space.

What does this mean for me?

  • This is a great opportunity for me to learn about what others are working on in South Park.
  • It could lead to potential collaborations and partnerships in the future.
  • I could gain valuable insights and ideas that could help me in my own projects.

What I'm feeling?

There is no information in the conversation that tells me how the user is feeling.


A Day of Learning and Experimentation

Transitioning into Machine Learning

  • Worried that my software experience will hurt me in the short term for transitioning into machine learning.
  • Hoping to go back into building more models and diving into the literature in the coming weeks.

Failed Experiments with GPT

  • Spent most of the day trying to use GPT to produce better HTML for Tailwind, but the data passed in probably wasn't very good.
  • Feeling frustrated that it was a waste of $5.

Learning Jax

  • Spent some time learning Jax, a math library from Google that backs Flax.
  • Excited to start using it for machine learning projects.

Learning JavaScript

  • Spent the past week learning JavaScript, but there are still gaps in my understanding of the language.
  • Feeling like I need to keep studying and practicing to improve.


Building Prompts for SQL and HTML Generation

Progressing with Magic Text

  • Successfully continued progress with Magic Text using prompts for SQL and HTML generation

SQL Generation Prompt

  • Designed a prompt for SQL generation to make database manipulation easier
  • Can now quickly and easily generate SQL commands with just a few words

HTML Generation Prompt

  • Built a prompt for HTML generation to simplify website development
  • Able to generate HTML code for various website elements with ease

Overall, I am thrilled with the progress made in building prompts for SQL and HTML generation using Magic Text. These updates have made it possible for me to generate database commands and website elements quickly and easily, streamlining my workflow and saving valuable time. I am excited to continue exploring the potential of Magic Text and finding new ways to improve my life with technology.


Making progress with React and Next.js

Progress with React and Next.js

  • I've been making a ton of progress with React and Next.js lately!
  • I feel like I finally have a good understanding of both technologies.

Text Editor Demo with AI Brushes

  • I also built a text editor demo recently that uses AI brushes.
  • It was really cool to see it come to life!

FramerJS and Vercel Edge Functions

  • I managed to implement FramerJS and Vercel Edge Functions to stream data into the text box.
  • It was challenging, but I'm really proud of myself for figuring it out.

Material UI Icons Integration

  • I plan on integrating Material UI Icons into my apps to make them more visually appealing.
  • I think it will be a great addition to my stack.

Overall, I'm feeling really good about my progress and I'm excited to keep learning and building with these technologies.


Excited for Japan Trip and Blogging

Going to Japan

  • Received an invitation to visit Japan in April, and I couldn't be more excited.


  • Wrote a new blog post and learned how to host content on Notion.
  • Feeling envious of the Javascript community's tooling in comparison to Python.

Overall, I am excited for the upcoming trip to Japan and enjoying the process of improving my blogging skills.


Exploring New Tools and Learning APIs

Langchain Exploits and SQL Tooling

  • Spent the day researching Langchain exploits and improving my SQL tooling skills.

Prisma and Cohere AI

  • Focused on mastering Prisma, especially for Python.
  • Also applied for Cohere AI, which is based in Toronto!

Defining API Routes in Next.js

  • Today, I spent more time learning how to define API routes in Next.js.
  • Really enjoying using Vercel, Next.js, Planet Scale, and Prisma together.

Overall, I am excited and engaged in exploring new tools and expanding my skills.