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Grateful for Linda While Fighting Stomach Bug


  • Linda is taking care of me even though she's busy
  • She makes sure I'm not hungry, checks up on me, and stays by my side
  • I express my gratitude to Linda whenever I have the chance

Uncomfortable Feelings

  • First time in a long time that someone is taking care of me when I'm sick
  • Usually, I'm the one taking care of people, so it's slightly uncomfortable
  • Learning to accept care from others is important

Health Updates

  • Currently on day 4 of stomach bug
  • Talked to a doctor who advised waiting it out and said I'm probably turning the corner
  • Have developed a stye after a day of resting

To-Do List

  • Continue to rest and recover
  • Keep expressing gratitude to Linda
  • Focus on being a good partner during this time and beyond
  • Once recovered, refocus on career goals


Today, I was still experiencing the stomach bug, but I am truly grateful for Linda in my life. She keeps checking up on me, taking care of me, and making sure I'm not too hungry even though she's quite busy. It's an unfamiliar feeling for me to be taken care of, but I'm learning to accept it. I talked to a doctor who advised waiting it out, and I also developed a stye. I'm trying to focus on being a good partner and will work on my career goals once I recover.


Back From Japan and Starting Freelance Work

Japan Trip Highlights

  • Visited with my girlfriend
  • Explored amazing places recommended by my girlfriend
  • Loved Harajuku and Aoyama and considering living there in the future

Cultural Differences

  • Appreciated the peaceful and respectful environment of Japan
  • Struggling to find a balance between collectivist values from Japan and the individualistic society in America
  • Want to maintain my collectivist values while living in America and potentially wish to live in Japan someday

Starting Freelance Work

  • Have three clients and need to figure out how to price myself
  • Considering charging $150 per hour
  • Need to balance competitive pricing and long-term offers without undervaluing my work


  • Grateful for my girlfriend's recommendations and sharing her experiences in Japan with me
  • Grateful for the amazing places I visited in Japan that resonated with me
  • Grateful for the opportunity to start freelancing and helping people through my work


  • Incorporate collectivist values I learned from Japan into my life in America
  • Research pricing strategies and provide fair offers based on experience and industry averages
  • Be a good partner to my girlfriend by continuing to cherish shared experiences and grow together
  • Maintain focus on my career and personal growth both culturally and professionally


Reflecting on Mailing List Improvements and Marketing Strategies

Mailing List Changes

  • Implemented a change log
  • Created an open letter for subscribers

Brainstorm Marketing Strategies

  • Consider new ways of promoting the mailing list
  • Explore creative ideas for engaging with subscribers
  • Build on the success of recent improvements

Journaling Goals

  • Focus on gratitude
  • Improve career focus
  • Enhance partnership skills

To-Do List

  • [ ] Practice gratitude daily
  • [ ] Implement career-focused activities
  • [ ] Maintain open communication with partner
  • [ ] Continue brainstorming marketing ideas


  • Appreciate the growth opportunities in my mailing list
  • Thankful for the support from my partner
  • Grateful for the motivation to overcome challenges

Daily Summary

  • Reflection on mailing list improvements
  • Brainstorming marketing strategies
  • Working towards personal goals for growth and relationships


First Ghibli Museum Visit

Visiting Japan

  • Unsure of arrival date

Visiting Ghibli Museum

  • Going to museum
  • Details unknown


  1. Grateful for the chance to explore new places.
  2. Appreciate the opportunity to visit iconic locations like the Ghibli Museum.
  3. Thankful for enjoying the day in Japan.


  • Check favorite Ghibli movie exhibitions.
  • Share experience with my partner.


Preparing for Product Hunt Launch

Self-care and Gratitude

  • Prioritize self-care
  • Focus on gratitude

Progress and Accomplishments

  • Set up a mailing list
  • Created personal journal goals

Personal Goals

  • Work on gratitude
  • Improve focus on career
  • Be a good partner

Todo Lists

  • (Add tasks based on your personal and professional goals)


  • (List things you're grateful for today)

Summary of the Day

  • (Briefly describe your day and important events, as well as any insights and learnings)


Landed in Japan and Struggled with Transportation

Flight to Japan

  • Watched new Netflix shows.

Figuring out Cash and Train

  • Had trouble understanding the train system.

Riding the Train and Overages

  • Unsure about what happens if I ride the train too long and if I can just pay the overage.

Goals, Gratitude, and Daily Summary

  • Gratitude: I'm grateful for a safe flight and the opportunity to travel to Japan
  • Career Focus: Look for opportunities to learn about Japanese work culture and expand my professional network.
  • Being a Good Partner: Communicate with my partner about my arrival in Japan and share my experiences with them.
  • Todo List: 1. Get help from a local or transportation worker for train overage payment. 2. Reach out to professional connections in Japan. 3. Write about my experiences each day.


Long Flight to Japan and App Feedback

13-Hour Flight

  • On a long flight to Japan
  • Baby on the plane, using noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs

Life Coach Approaches Me

  • Life coach said their folks could use my app
  • Received valuable feedback from Chris and Pedram for app improvement

App Feedback and Improvements

  • Jenny provided tips on onboarding flow
  • Asked Joan to help with design, taking inspiration from Notion's design

Pedram's Encouragement

  • Pedram sees great potential in my journal app for improving the lives of millions
  • He believes I have a unique mix of skills and experience to make it work.


Excited for Japan Trip

Packing for Japan

  • Last day in New York before flying to Japan
  • Feeling less nervous, more excited about the trip


  • Will consider journaling my experiences in Japan


  • Grateful for the opportunity to travel
  • Appreciate the support Linda has given

Career and Relationships

  • Keep a focus on career goals during the trip
  • Continue to strengthen my partnership with Linda


Anxiety over Future and Japan Trip

Supporting Linda's Decision

  • Linda unsure about staying in New York or going back to China
  • Want to be a supportive, non-biased friend

Job Rejection

  • Rejected by Anthropic
  • Feelings of disappointment

Starting My Own Business

  • One less excuse to not start my business
  • Need to incorporate and deal with immigration issues
  • Desire to develop both founder skills and machine learning skills


  • Grateful for Linda's presence in my life
  • Cherishing the memories we make together

Preparing for Japan Trip

  • Feeling a little anxious about the trip
  • Excited for new experiences

Todo list

  • Reach out to anyone who can offer guidance on immigration issues
  • Research ways to integrate technical skills with entrepreneurial ventures
  • Make a plan to balance machine learning and founder skill development
  • Talk to Linda about the Japan trip and share feelings of missing her while away
  • Gradually prepare for the Japan trip and address any concerns


Today, I discussed my anxieties about Linda's decisions, the rejection from Anthropic, starting my own business, and the upcoming trip to Japan. I also acknowledged my gratitude for having Linda in my life and plans to stay connected while away in Japan.


SPC Onboarding and KBBQ with Friends

Networking at SPC Onboarding Event

  • Met lots of great people
  • Got lots of ideas
  • Plan to set up 1:1 meetings with new connections
  • Start Slack threads to maintain conversations

Korean BBQ and Machine Learning Discussion

  • Going to get KBBQ with friends
  • Talk about machine learning with friends
  • Focus on staying open to perspectives, asking questions, and sharing insights


Bought, time to launch

Dealing with Domain Name Change issues

  • Experienced frustration due to email gating
  • Issues persisted throughout the day
  • Resolved and ironed out the problems

Deciding on a Writing Topic

  • Need to find a subject to write about
  • Considering focusing on gratitude
  • Plan to list three things I'm grateful for today


Preparations and Catching Up with Friends

Preparing for Japan

  • Made some small preparations
  • Met up with Jasmine, Jenny, Alex, and Evan from Trelis
  • Created a list of places to visit

Enjoying Japan

  • Excited about shopping and fashion
  • Fuji and Ghibli Museum
  • Using Google Maps for planning
  • Not worrying too much about budget

Anthropic Job Update

  • Haven't heard back since Wednesday
  • Will follow up on upcoming Wednesday

Product Hunt Launch

  • Releasing app to 60 beta testers tomorrow
  • Aiming to get feedback

Pottery and Priorities

  • Didn't do much pottery this year
  • Focusing on BJJ and work for now
  • Waiting on Anthropics job offer before making a decision

Time with Linda

  • Spending time with Linda before Japan trip
  • Plan to cook together


Startup School: I should really ship

Mailing List Setup and Email Communication

  • Set up a mailing list with about 50 people
  • Plan to write an email to communicate effectively with potential customers

Implemented Change Log and Open Letter

  • Created a change log to document updates and improvements
  • Wrote an open letter to users to build trust and establish transparency

Future Steps for Growth

  • Define target audience and research customer preferences
  • Develop a marketing plan and strategy for the product
  • Build social media presence and engage with potential customers
  • Focus on user experience and implement changes based on customer feedback
  • Establish partnerships to help grow the brand and product
  • Continuously learn and stay up-to-date with industry news and trends


Big day

Gratitude for Linda

  • Linda was stressed this morning due to her fashion design thesis work
  • Prepared dinner (pork belly) as a way to support her
  • Created a calming atmosphere for her brief time at home

BJJ training and mentoring

  • Helped new white belts at Marcelo's BJJ class
  • Connected ideas from class and own knowledge to guide students
  • Reflected on personal growth as a practitioner
  • Focused on skills like off-balancing and fighting for underhooks

Meeting with startup founders

  • Arranged a call with another startup
  • Connected with their founders, discussed ideas and synergies

Balancing learning new skills and reflecting on existing expertise

  • Desire to learn new things and expand knowledge
  • Appreciating current skills and understanding their value
  • Considering balance between exploration and utilizing existing skills for financial growth