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Value-Based Pricing for Consulting

Understanding Value-Based Pricing

  • A pricing model focusing on the value received by the customer
  • Prices set according to the benefits clients receive, not just the cost of producing the service
  • Applicable to consulting businesses as a way to charge based on value provided

Deciding Between Value-Based and Other Pricing Models

  • Assess the unique value you provide to clients
  • Determine if value-based pricing is a more profitable and sustainable pricing strategy for your business

Personal Goals

  • Work on gratitude
  • Focus on career development
  • Be a good partner

To-Do Lists

  • Research more on value-based pricing
  • Identify key values that I provide in my consulting services
  • Create a personalized value-based pricing model

Daily Gratitudes

  • Gaining new knowledge on value-based pricing
  • Having the opportunity to improve my business strategy
  • Networking with valuable professionals in consulting

Summary of My Day

  • Explored value-based pricing and its benefits
  • Contemplated how it could apply to my consulting business
  • Reflected on personal goals and areas of growth


Catching Up After a Long Time

Back from Japan and Starting Consulting

  • Recently returned from a trip to Japan
  • Got sick for a bit but recovered
  • Successfully started a new consulting business

Reevaluating Pricing Strategy

  • Currently considering raising rates to $270-320 per hour
  • Exploring the option of a retainer fee for more stability and guaranteed work

Personal Growth and Career Goals

  • Continue focusing on personal growth and career goals in upcoming life coaching sessions
  • Prioritize being a good partner and expressing gratitude


Preparing for New York to Asia Trip and Moving In with Linda

New York and Asia Trip

  • Last 2 months in New York before the trip
  • Planning a trip to China and Japan with Linda
  • Coming back from Canada on May 10

Training, Work, and Relaxation

  • Training Jiu-Jitsu consistently
  • Balancing job interviews and workouts
  • Booking a spa day with Linda after returning from Canada
  • Plan on working with consulting for additional income

Moving In with Linda

  • Will move in together after the trip to Japan
  • Converting the apartment into a shared space
  • Communication about the transition and shared space is ongoing

Personal Goals

  • Remain focused on my career
  • Continue training and workouts
  • Strengthen relationship with Linda through open communication
  • Practice gratitude daily
  • To-dos: Finish preparing for the trip, discuss storage options for Linda's items, and finalize consulting work schedule

Gratitude and Daily Summary

  • Grateful for the upcoming trips — bringing wonderful experiences and opportunities to bond with Linda
  • Feeling positive about workouts and Jiu-Jitsu training
  • Maintaining open communication and focusing on a balanced, shared living space with Linda