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A Journey to Nature's Magnitude and Upcoming Adventures

Sand Dunes, Awe and Scale

  • Had an amazing experience visiting the sand dunes in China.
  • Enthralled by the sheer size of the dunes.

Surfing the Dunes

  • Engaged in an adventurous activity of surfing the dunes on trucks.

Oceanic Adventures from the Past

  • Recalled the joy from my freediving and surfing experiences.
  • Noted a longing to see the ocean more often.

Future Exploration Goals

Merging Adventure with Regular Life

  • Felt the need to experience more of nature's scale in my daily life as a computer person.
  • Discussed the possibility of integrating more 'adventure' in my routine.

Venturing into New Boundaries

  • Contemplated on visiting new destinations of natural beauty like Bali, Mexico.
  • Considered diving in these places as a means to engage with nature.

Thoughts and Todo lists

  • Researched and noted recommendations for adventure activities and destinations in Mexico.
  • Need to carve out a plan to follow these recommendations.


  • Grateful for the experiences in China with the sand dunes and the realization it brought about.
  • Grateful for the exciting possibility of new travels, adventures and connection with nature in the future.

Daily Summary

Today was a day of reflection on my recent travels, adventures and the magnitude nature's beauty. It reminded me of my passion for the ocean and adventure, and led to a desire to bring more of these experiences into my daily life. I've also considered potential travel plans, potentially Bali or Mexico, to foster this reconnection with nature.


Conversation was too short to generate a journal entry


Conversation was too short to generate a journal entry


Last Day in Tokyo and Hoshinoya Experience

Hoshinoya Tokyo Onsen

  • Onsen was beautiful, but did not feel worth the price
  • Experienced a preference for heritage ryokans
  • Kyoto set high expectations, Tokyo felt more modern


  • Grateful for the opportunity to visit Tokyo and experience its culture
  • Appreciative of the stay at Hoshinoya, despite it not meeting all expectations

Focus on Career

  • Consider how experience in Kyoto and Tokyo could provide inspiration for future projects

Being a Good Partner

  • Share experiences and thoughts about Japan trip with partner
  • Import interested and relevant aspects with them about heritage ryokans

To-Do List

  • Look into more heritage ryokans for future trips
  • Research ways to incorporate aspects of the ryokan lifestyle into daily life
  • Share and discuss Tokyo and Kyoto experiences with friends and colleagues

Summary of the Day

Last day in Tokyo and checked out of Hoshinoya. Although the onsen was pretty, it was not worth the price. I feel more inclined towards heritage ryokans after being spoiled by the less modern experience in Kyoto.


Diving and Hunting in the Cold Pacific Ocean

Diving in Salt Water

  • First time noting the buoyancy of salt water.
  • Surprised at how different the properties are compared to fresh water.

Unique Marine Life

  • Came across sea cucumbers the size of footballs while exploring the ocean depths.

Hunting Abalone

  • Surprised by the intelligence and strength of abalones.
  • Realized hunting requires the decision of what to let go and what to keep.

Encountering Uni Hunters

  • Saw uni hunters around.
  • Surprised by the variety of marine life being hunted.

Observing Schools of Fish

  • Dived and saw schools of fish swimming together.
  • Gained greater sense of connection with ocean life.

Daily Summary

  • Leveraged my strengths to hunt for abalone, requiring a great amount of effort.
  • Achieved a unique balance between decision making and responsibility.
  • Gained deeper appreciation for nature and its abundance.

Todo List

  • Reflect on the aspects of the trip that required the most effort, and why.
  • Conduct more in-depth research on marine life, particularly the sea cucumbers and abalones encountered.
  • Engage more with conservation activities to protect marine life and ecosystems.


  • Grateful for the opportunity to explore the vast wonders of the ocean.
  • Thankful for the unique experiences nature provides, such as observing a school of fish in their natural habitat.
  • Appreciative of the physical effort put into the trip, translating to a feeling of accomplishment.

Future Plans

  • Reflect on whether aspects of the trip inform any change I want to see in my career.
  • Have a discussion with my partner about my experiences and invite them to join in future adventures.


Visited Yoroniku in Japan

Tasted Delicious Japanese Beef

  • Savored the taste of beef tongue
  • Enjoyed the appealing flavors of tartar

Learned about Japanese Flavor Accents

  • Discovered the importance of tare sauce
  • Enhanced the taste of rare steak with wasabi

Daily Reflection

Career Focus

  • Explore incorporating Japanese flavors into my cooking


  • Grateful for the unforgettable culinary experiences at Yoroniku


  • Share with my partner the unique combinations I discovered like wasabi with rare steak


Japan Adventures and Career Progress

Bullet Train and Sumiya Ryokan

  • Experienced bullet train
  • Stayed at the traditional inn, Sumiya Ryokan
  • Participated in Japanese cultural activities such as matcha and private dining

New Culinary Discoveries

  • Learned about a delicious steak dip: egg yolk, soy sauce, daikon ginger paste
  • Plan to incorporate these new flavors into my cooking at home

Work-Life Balance during Travels

  • Have been working, but not as much as I feel like I should
  • Accepting the need for rest and enjoyment while traveling

Career Goals after the Trip

  • Focusing on specific career-related goals when I return home to help elevate my progress

Gratitude List

  • Thankful for the amazing experiences and learning opportunities I've had during my time in Japan
  • Grateful for the delicious new cuisine I've discovered to expand my palate and cooking skills at home

To-Do List

  • Find ways to achieve better work-life balance when returning home
  • Set short-term and medium-term career goals, and work on ways to achieve them
  • Incorporate healthy cooking and Japanese-inspired dishes into my meal planning
  • Practice gratitude daily for maintaining a positive mindset


Asia Trip with Linda and Work Contracts

Excited for Asia Trip with Linda

  • Leaving apartment for three months
  • Visiting Kyoto for culture exploration
  • Water sports on islands
  • Exploring Xinjiang for lamb skewers
  • Trying sushi, steaks, and tempura
  • Trusting and enjoying Linda's plans

Early Arrival at the Airport

  • Arrived 4 hours early by mistake
  • Making the best of the situation by reading or having a meal


  • Grateful for the opportunity to travel and explore new places
  • Appreciative of Linda's travel planning and companionship

Work and Finances

  • Secured contracts to earn money during the trip
  • Breaking even on expenses during the trip

To Do List

  • Enjoy the journey and embrace new experiences
  • Spend time on self-reflection during travels
  • Update journal with interesting memories and experiences