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Watched the New Barbie Movie

Enjoyment of the Barbie Movie

  • Found the movie to be funny.
  • The movie had elements of feminism, which added humor.


  • A reminder to focus on areas for self-empowerment was brought up.
  • Need to identify these areas, particularly in my career or personal life.

Goal Focus

  • Use the self-empowerment concept as a stepping stone to work on my career.
  • Also focus on being a good partner using the same concept.

Gratitude and Other Tasks

  • Grateful for the humor and entertainment found in unexpected places such as the Barbie movie.
  • Next task: Identify key areas for self-empowerment and implement strategies to strengthen them.

Summary of the Day

  • The day was about exploration and humor through watching a new movie. This experience has also invited self-reflection on empowerment in various areas of my life. Taking this into consideration, I should continue seeking moments of unexpected joy and learning in everyday life.


Exploring Opportunities and Experiencing Gratitude

Progress in Business and Viral Success

  • Successfully secured more contracts and expanding my business.
  • Gained significant attention on Twitter, with a large increase in follower count.
  • My framework for structural extraction has been well-received, sparking conversations with people from the Python community, Twitter machine learning community, and various founders.

Travel, Free Time, and Experiencing Culinary Delights

  • Currently visiting Linda's family in China. Enjoyed visiting Sand dunes and having lamb skewers.
  • Planning visits to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Tulum for free diving.
  • Delighted to have the flexibility and savings to travel extensively.

Cultivating Gratitude

  • Thankful for the successful business and interesting contracts coming my way.
  • Gratitude for the freedom to travel, and upcoming adventurous plans.
  • Appreciating the ability to savor this lifestyle resulting from years of hard work.

Work-Life Balance

  • Been spending quality time with girlfriend and working.
  • Also hired a contractor to improve my YouTube chapters, aiming to gain paying users.
  • Balancing work, personal life, and various responsibilities effectively.

Health and Well-being

  • Regular exercise schedules kept up, fostering gratitude towards my body's capabilities.
  • Explored the role of physical practices in maintaining a positive mental state.

Looking Ahead

  • Continue to leverage business and social media success for career growth.
  • Explore more speaking opportunities and expand personal network.
  • Continue to investigate the potential of my role as an operator with the contractor.
  • Daily focus on maintaining work-life balance and fostering gratitude.


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