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Reflecting on Gratitude and Career Focus

Valuable Relationships in My Life

  • Deeply grateful for Linda, a pivotal figure in my life.
  • Appreciative of the company of friends, had a lovely potluck with them yesterday.

Work Opportunities

  • Thankful for having abundant work opportunities, a blessing in this era.
  • Need to channel gratitude towards improving my career and achieving set goals.

Social Interactions

  • Enjoyed seeing friends and sharing a meal together, it helped enhance my social well-being.

Goals and To-Dos

  • Carry forward the feeling of gratitude into daily routines.
  • Focus on career growth, utilize the numerous work opportunities productively.
  • Maintain and flourish the good relationships with Linda and friends.


Challenging Couple of Weeks: Cofounder Dating, Job Interviews, New Life Situations

Cofounder Dating

  • Networking with potential partners
  • Exploring opportunities for collaboration

Job Interviews

  • Opportunities opening up, people showing interest in hiring me for projects
  • Exciting period with prospects

Support System

  • Friends have been incredibly supportive
  • Regular check-ins from them providing emotional support

Expressing Gratitude

  • Grateful for the supports from friends
  • Grateful for the job opportunities presented

Focus on Career

  • Securing meaningful projects
  • Making a positive impression in job interviews
  • Exploring potential partnerships

Being a Good Partner

  • Maintaining communication amid busy schedule
  • Consistently providing and receiving supports

To-do list

  • Follow up on job interviews
  • Evaluate potential collaborations
  • Take time off for self-care

Day's Summary

  • Another busy yet fulfilling day, with promising job interviews and potential collaborations in the horizon. Friends have continued to show their support, which has been great for my emotional well-being. It was an exciting and optimistic day overall.


Progress on Professional Goals and Personal Time

Professional Milestones

  • Made substantial progress on starting a startup with Evan.
  • Continued working on Python library that improves usability of OpenAI's function calling capabilities.
  • Lined up job interviews with Vercel, OpenAI, and Deepmind in the next couple of weeks.

Personal Life

  • Enjoyed some needed vacation time.
  • Looking forward to visiting Linda in New York on October 16.


  • Grateful for the opportunity to work on exciting projects like the new startup and the Python library.
  • Appreciative of the upcoming job interviews with top tech companies.
  • Thankful for the upcoming trip to see Linda.

To-Do list

  • Prepare for Vercel, OpenAI, and Deepmind interviews.
  • Plan trip to visit Linda in New York on October 16.
  • Continue developing Python library to improve OpenAI's function calling capabilities.


  • I'm both excited and prepared to step into the next phase of my professional journey. I’ve taken the necessary time off for self-care and now, I’m ready to show up at my best.
  • I’m also ensuring I balance my personal life well within my professional aspirations, just like my upcoming visit to Linda in New York.
  • It’s a rewarding and promising time in my life right now.