I like to share my ideas with others, so I use an app that records my voice memos and saves them for later. I use GPT to help me make sense of what I've been thinking about and organize my thoughts.


A Busy Day Exploring Langchain and Chatbots!

  • i need to spend more time exploring the chat bot, and memory stuff in langchain before i feel good about the library
  • funny enough, gpt has really good suggestion on making sequel tables a little bit more language model friendly. dates are still pretty hard to use in llm-sql models
  • answered a request for a project from brad gerstner
  • managed to make some contributions to langchain


Exploring a New Opportunity: Working at Anthropic.AI

  • maybe i should apply to work at


A Day of Langchain Challenges: Finding Success with Zero-Hot React Models and MRKL Implementation Issues.

  • i am still finding a couple of issues with langchain. is mrkl implementation is kinda scratchy
  • having some more langchain success with the zero-hot react models


"The Power of Intention: Lightweight Prompt Building for Chat Bots"

  • i have some other idea around building a very light weight prompt builder for a chat bots. or at least reproducing the react results.
  • intention is all there is, the work is just a reminder


"Exploring the Benefits of Langchain and GPTindex"

  • finally started to learn more about langchain and gptindex. langchain's toolkit for prompt generation feels reasonable but its a shame the dep is too heavy for vercel.


A Day of Learning, Spiritual Reflection, and Ice Plunges

  • started also reading more byung chul han. this time it’s shanzhai
  • the person who made the thing today may not be the same person who comes back to work tomorrow
  • maybe spirituality is simply a fight against the feelings of being alone
  • ice plunges really kicked my ass
  • i still need to fix setting dates for the app and exposing a better rest endpoint for testing.
  • after doing the plunges i really need to get my gold water tolerance up if i want to do my ice dives.
  • also thinking about learning elixir now. but probably best to stick with js for now.
  • ive also been working on learning modal to work on transcription models


Exploring the Depths of Creativity, Money and Adventure

  • creativity makes art inevitable
  • i just finished reading psychology of money.
  • doing some ice plunges today for my diving trip.


1. Working with Hand Injuries 2. Developing Note-Taking Apps 3. Open Source Tutorials 4. Jujitsu and Freediving Training 5. Integrating Services with Bots Title: "Managing Life with Hand Injuries: From Open Source Tutorials to Jujitsu and Freediving Training"

  • i’m also debating whether or not to make these tools open sources. maybe i can do an open source tutorial and then build a paid version. it would also let me learn how to set up stripe integrations for when i have a more serious project.
  • i am plan to lower my training this month for jujitsu in trumpet and mostly focus on my freediving at the end of the month.
  • another way for me to build a note taking apps to integrate it with siri so that siri can just text a message to a twilio bot or a telegram bot. this lets me not have to deal with transcription as much, but still have very simple access for other users
  • for context, two years ago i got tendinitis in my hands that stopped me from being able to program for a year and a half.
  • my hands are hurting today, so i’ll work on the blog post and bot in the afternoon.


At some point it will be generated by GPT-3. Last updated 2023-01-22 22:20:15

  • i should make an open source template on how to deploy telegram chat bots on vercel with python.
  • i need to fix my mobile styling for the website. gotta read into more tailwind stuff.
  • chinese new year today