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Many companies, such as Copilot with Code Brushes, Notion with Notion AI, and Intercom with AI Composer, have released AI writing tools. As a beginner in JavaScript and an experienced Python developer, I was able to easily recreate some of these results with the help of OpenAI and Vercel's streaming functionality, which is 100x easier to use than Python.

I created a simple app that rewrites selected text by applying a "filter" or "brush". The tutorial I followed was created by Hassan El Mghari and my code is available on Github. I also extended it to create compelling SQL and HTML prompts. With 6 hours of Google research, 10 hours of JavaScript experience, and 10 years of Python development experience, this was achievable.


  • Typescript with React, next.js, framer.js, tailwindcss
    • Easy type-safe code with Typescript and VSCode language server.
    • Server/client rendering in Next.js makes web apps fast.
    • Simple animations with framer-motion.
    • No need to open css files with tailwindcss.
  • Vercel
    • Incredible developer experience with serverless functions and Vercel Edge.
    • Data streaming support in Nextjs makes the app snappy.
    • Preview deployment with each PR, prod deployment with merge to master. No setup needed.