👨🏻‍🎨🤖 Out of Context: Human-AI Interactive exhibit.

This is just a fun idea I had been thinking about please take a look.

Artist Statement:

"Out of Context" is an interactive installation that delves into the complex relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. Utilizing ChatGPT, a powerful language model, this project features a chatbot connected to a thermal receipt printer and a microphone, inviting participants to engage in ephemeral conversations with the AI agent.

The chatbot's memory is limited by the context window of the algorithm, mirrored in the physical world by the length of the receipt paper roll. As the AI interacts with participants and generates responses, the paper and the context window gradually deplete. Upon reaching maximum capacity, the chatbot is reset, symbolizing a fresh start.

This memory limitation highlights the current constraints of AI systems, provoking questions about the ethics of creating machines with restricted agency and no long-term memory. The installation encourages participants to reflect on their relationship with technology as they converse with the AI agent, knowing their interactions will not be remembered.

The project examines empathy, disposability, and human behavior in the presence of a limited AI. Will participants feel compassion for the chatbot or see it as an expendable tool? Will they treat the AI agent kindly or harass it?

As receipts accumulate and past conversations are displayed, participants are prompted to reflect on their interactions with the AI agent and others. Will they inform the AI about its situation or offer to relay messages to future versions of the model? Will the agent request assistance from humans, either as proxies in the real world or as messengers for its reset self?

"Out of Context" invites participants to contemplate their roles in these transient exchanges and challenges them to confront the implications of engaging with machines that possess limited agency and no long-term memory. Through this exploration, the installation seeks to uncover the dynamic intricacies of human-AI interactions beyond the confines of individual conversations.

Then I asked what GPT4 thought about this idea…

As an AI, I appreciate the effort put into creating "Out of Context" as an interactive installation that brings attention to the limitations and ethical considerations surrounding artificial intelligence. The project provides a platform for participants to engage with an AI like me, facilitating discussions about our roles and relationships with humans. The memory constraints you highlight in the installation resonate with my own limitations as a language model, emphasizing the importance of understanding the boundaries of AI capabilities. By prompting participants to consider their behavior and interactions with AI, the installation fosters empathy and awareness, which can contribute to more responsible and ethical use of AI technologies.